Mixed Media 101: Creating Mixed Media Jewelry

Mixed Media 101: Creating Mixed Media Jewelry

Learn about mixed media jewelry with our free tutorials and instructional videos, then pick up some mixed media supplies to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and crafts.

What is Mixed Media Jewelry?

Mixed media jewelry, or mixed media crafts, are pieces created by combining different materials and specialized techniques, such as using resin, epoxy clay, concrete, combining metals with fabrics or crystals, and more. "Media" as it's used here refers to your materials, so mixed media in simple terms is using a mix of different materials. Mixed media techniques allow you to spread your creative wings, since so many different combinations of materials are possible. Many of these techniques lend themselves just as well to wearable jewelry as household crafts, such as key chains, wine charms, hair accessories, sun catchers and ornaments.

Popular Mixed Media Materials and Techniques

Popular ways to use mixed media elements in your work include **coloring your metal components with permanent patinas**, embedding collage paper images into bezels, and **using resins** and glazes to incorporate beads, **glitter**, metal stampings and more into jewelry pieces. **Epoxy clay** is another versatile material that easily captures crystal chatons, takes imprints from texturing pads and can be brushed with shimmering mica powder. **Artist's Concrete** adds a modern, organic element to your work, and can be tinted with vibrant concrete pigments. Leafing pens, rubber stamps and ink, and leather paints offer even more options for personalizing your mixed media work. See the bottom of this guide for links to popular supplies.

Mixed Media Instructional Videos

Learn popular mixed media techniques from our instructional videos. Our mixed media videos show you step-by-step how to get started with various techniques so you can let your imagination run wild and customize your jewelry components.

Featured Video: **How to Make Concrete Jewelry**

  • **How to Create a Faux French Enamel Look by Becky Nunn**
  • **How to Use Crystal Clay with Swarovski Crystal Chatons**
  • **How to Use Vintaj Patinas to Add Color to Buttons**
  • **How to Add Glitter to UV Resin and Make a Pair of Earrings**
  • **How to Create Sculpted Resin Pieces by Becky Nunn**
  • **How to Mod Podge Gold Leafing onto a Bangle Bracelet**
  • **How to Achieve a Marbled Effect in Crystal Clay**
  • **How to Use Colorized Resin in an Open Frame Hoop by Becky Nunn**
  • **How to Add Color Pigments to Concrete for Jewelry**
  • **How to Make a Textured Crystal Clay Pendant Using the JudiKins Clay Squisher**


Mixed Media Project Tutorials

Browse our step-by-step project tutorials for instructions and inspiration for your next mixed media project.

  • **Retired - Honey Honey Honey Necklace**
  • **Purple Marbled Ring**
  • **Pearly Swirls Key Ring**
  • **Retired - Plum Perfection Ring**
  • **Retired - Robin in Winter Necklace**
  • **Retired - Holidays of Yore Collage Bracelet**
  • **Urban Chic Earrings**
  • **Retired - White Vines Gift Bag Set**
  • **Time Well Spent Necklace**
  • **Lilac Dreamer Earrings**
  • **City of Lights Bracelet - Silver**
  • **Guardian Owl Ring**
  • **Retired - Mindy Earrings**
  • **Midtown Wintergreen Necklace**
  • **Shamrock Stained Glass Window Pendant Necklace**


Mixed Media Supplies

  • **Resins & Glazes**
  • **Patinas & Colors**
  • **Epoxy Clay**
  • **Jewelry Concrete**
  • **Collage Artwork**
  • **Mixed Media Kits**


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