How to Make a Textured Crystal Clay Pendant Using the JudiKins Clay Squisher

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video, you'll learn how to fill a bezel with Crystal Clay and press it into the JudiKins Clay Squisher to give the clay an embossed pattern. The result is a textured clay bezel pendant with a sparkly mica powder shimmer.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with Idaho week and in this video I want to show you how to make a texture crystal COI pendant using the jus Deakins clay squisher so this is the clay squisher it's a rubber reusable texturing plate for clay with six different patterns and it creates embossed clay jewelry which is really cool so among these patterns we have some swirls some waves really nice wavy pattern and a bunch of different floral patterns so there's lots of nice options for designs and here is a keyring that I made and this is using D swirly texture over here and so this was a bezel keyring and I just put some crystal clay in the bezel and squished it onto the clay squishers texturing pad with a little bit of mica powder to give it some Sheen and the clay just squishes into place as it takes the texture so it's really easy and fun to do so I'm going to show you how to make a necklace pendant with this technique so here's what you'll need you will need a bezel pendant this is a nun design pendant and antique gold you'll need some crystal clay I'm using the color spice and I've already pinched off some balls of Part A and Part D which I'll mix together you'll need some crystal clay Sparkle dust which is mica powder I'm going to be using the antique copper color you'll need a paintbrush you'll need the clay squishers and some gloves to protect your hands from the crystal clay so let's get started I'm going to put on my gloves connects the clay and I just sort of eyeballed this amount of clay so hopefully it'll be enough and we can always adjust how much clay we need for the bezel it's always good to make a little bit more than you need and then we can always just take some away okay so now my clay is mixed so I'm going to put it in the bezel and that is too much clay so I'm going to take some off we want enough clay in there to come over the top lip of the bezel but not too much that the clay is going to get squished over the sides so let's see that seems like a they'll pick off a little bit more smell bit into a ball again okay I think that is a good amount of clarity I'm just going to take off the gloves from the hand that's going to be holding the bezel because crystal clay is an epoxy clay and it will leave residue on your bezel so now I'm just going to with my finger smooth the clay down and press it toward the edges of the bezel but not all the way I don't want the clay to touch the edges of the bezel because I want to leave room for the clay to squish as I press it onto the texturing pad so I want the clay almost almost to the edges but not quite and I want to see the clay over the top of the bezel so there's ample room to take that texture alright I think this looks good I think I'm ready take off my other glove and I'm just going to put the clay square on some paper to protect my work surface from the mica powder so now I'm going to take my like a powder open it up and I think I'm going to use this texture over here which is a nice floral pattern with a lot of a lot of good detail so I'm just going to get my paint brush in the mica powder and spread it over the texture and if mica powder serves two purposes it will add a nice sparkly Sheen to the top of your piece and it will keep your clay from sticking to the texture because this epoxy clay is really sticky and this powder will just serve as kind of a buffer so you can peel it off easily from the surface of your clay okay I think that's enough mica powder let's set that aside and now I'm going to take my bezel turn it over and press it into the texture and with the piece like this see it has this bell that's sticking out and that's going to prevent me from getting a really even press on this piece so what I'm actually going to do is slide this piece to the edge of the table so the bell is hanging off a little bit and I can get a more even press on this piece and you want to make sure you're pressing it evenly on all sides so it takes that texture and so the clay ends up spread evenly throughout your bezel all right so I think this is done so now what I'm going to do is just peel this clay squishers away from the bezel releasing the pendant with the textured clay all right and there you have it that is how to make a textured pendant using the clay squisher with crystal clay and mica powder now you let your crystal clay cure overnight and then you can hang your pendant from a chain to make a necklace you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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