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hi this is Julian beadaholique and in this video I'm gonna teach you how to make a bangle bracelet using metallic leaf and Mod Podge so we're going to be starting with the base bangle here which is by Nunn design it has this nice channel right here that we're gonna be able to fill with the gold and leafing and actually we're gonna alternate gold leaf and silver leaf so here is what's finished like and what's keeping it on here is Mod Podge and this is gloss Mod Podge so what you're going to need is you're going to need some silver leaf right here and you'll see how tissue-thin this is it's super thin an area so you're not gonna want to work with a fan or air conditioning on you it will blow all over the place so just keep that in mind you'll actually see it moving around with my breath but you get a really nice big packet of it and we're also going to be using the gold version as well and so I've cut the bags open you'll just pull some out and then if you're interested there's also a copper then you'll need the Mod Podge you'll need the bangle bracelet you'll need two paintbrushes I'm using these paintbrushes right here which are really nice for this project one you're going to be putting into the Mod Podge and one you're gonna be keeping dry and then you're also going to need a pair of tweezers on my work surface I've laid down some paper and I have a little plastic baggie that I'm gonna put my Mod Podge on so let me show you how you're going to do this so the Mod Podge is going to work as both a glue and a sealer for us so I'm just gonna put some Mod Podge on my paper and I'm going to start by painting the channel here and I'm only gonna do about an inch inch and a half and not the thickest layer in the world of Mod Podge I'm gonna spread it pretty nice and thin and I'm trying to just put my glue in the channel put my paintbrush down I'm going to start with some of this silver leaf here I'm just going to pick up some at random and set it down into the Mod Podge and I want to not cover it in like a totally solid manner I want it to be a bit sporadic you can use your finger to try to tamp it down a little bit you just don't want your finger to get supersaturated with the Mod Podge okay so after you've done that you leave it just like that again compress it down a little bit take that same paintbrush that was already used with the Mod Podge and paint on a little bit more and then pick up more of the leaf and set it down don't worry if you go over the edge like that we're going to clean that up at the end the Mod Podge does dry fairly quickly so you're not going to want to put too much down all at once and then just keep rotating if you'd need to you can just take your hands and really just rip these pieces they just come apart it's pretty fun seeing that Mod Podge grab them you are going to need to work fairly fast we have really bright lights in the studio so the Mod Podge is drying considerably faster than when I was just working at my desk so yours won't be drawing quite as fast it does dry fairly fast so once you've made it all the way around I know it looks a little funky right now you're going to take your finger and just carefully press the top of the leafing again you don't want your finger to be full of the Mod Podge otherwise they'll really start sticking to your finger so you're going to let that dry and once that's dry we're gonna come back with a dry brush to go ahead and get all that excess off before we go on to adding the gold leafing once your bangle is dry and you're gonna want to brush off a lot of the excess silver foil to do that just take a dry brush and you're just going to go across the surface and you're going to see how it just flakes off so you're going to do this around the entire outside of the bangle you don't have to be very careful about this I'm gonna be reusing these flakes so I like to work with that piece of paper beneath me so that when I'm all done with this project I can just collect the flakes and put them back into the package it's also why I am NOT just taking my hand and rubbing it like this because it would curl up the flakes by just brushing them off they're still going to be great to reuse in the future okay now once you've got the flakes off now you can go back with your hand and just brush off any little bits and bits because you want it to be a nice flat surface again so now we're going to take our other brush the one that we'd used with the Mod Podge before but we cleaned it and we just cleaned it in the sink with water you're gonna go over the top of your foil and you're going to just apply more of the Mod Podge and again you're only gonna do a small swatch at a time now you're gonna take your gold foil and you're just going to do the same thing you're going to put it right over the top of the silver so I'm trying to put it where the silver wasn't but this is actually only going to be part of what we're doing but this is actually only gonna be layer two of four so you don't have to worry too much it looks like my glue is already dry my Mod Podge and that really is because the lights in the studio here you're gonna have quite a bit more working time than I do so to go ahead apply some more and then some more foil so you're gonna keep doing this until you cover the entire surround again at that point you're gonna let dry and then you're gonna take your dry brush you're gonna wipe it off and then you're gonna repeat another layer with the silver and then another layer with the gold so I'm going to do that off camera here just because it's the exact same action so it's just applying some Mod Podge applying some foil going around letting it dry brushing it off with a dry brush and then repeat so you'll want to do silver gold another silver layer and another gold layer and then you're going to let it dry so I'm gonna do that I want to come back I'm going to show you how to apply a topcoat of the Mod Podge to do the final seal of the foil so we applied our fourth coat which was gonna be the gold and now it's time to scrape off a little bit that's coming off of the sides here so we're just gonna do that with the dry brush like we've done before and I want to just show you this last bit on camera so that you can see really how this starts to take shape so because we did so many layers of the gold and the silver foil it has a really nice texture to it it's definitely not a flat surface anymore and you see that we are seeing flecks of gold and silver coming into play here and really nicely layered so I'm just taking the dry brush and I'm really just brushing off that excess foil and I'm applying some pressure at this point my Mod Podge is dry so whatever is going to stick is going to stick and I really want to get off anything that is going to come off now so that when I apply my final coat of Mod Podge to seal it it's gonna lay really nice and flat and be very smooth so you see what's coming off here at the end okay once you've brushed away all that you feel like you can brush away go ahead with your hands and smooth it out you can press on it you can rub it it should be really nice and securely adhered at this point with the Mod Podge so once you're sure that your foil is set we want to trim up the edges so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna take our fingernail and we're going to run it along the edge here to see if there's any little bits that come off because we want a nice clean edge it's gonna make this bracelet look polished and complete so we're just scraping away any excess that might have been accidentally glued to the rim here all the way around and you're also going to look at the top you can do the same thing because we've not applied that final coat of Mod Podge we're able to scrape this away okay now we are ready to seal our piece we're going to do that the same way we've been doing this entire process whereas we're just going to take a layer of Mod Podge and we're going to paint it over our foil and go all the way to the edge make sure you cover those edges alright once you're back to where you started you're just gonna go ahead and finish up with the top layer making sure you've covered everything you see how I'm gripping this at this point so that I'm not touching any of the wet Mod Podge okay just make sure you don't have any big globs smooth it out if you do and then you're just gonna set that down to dry and it's not gonna take too long to dry and then I'll show you what it looks like finished now that our bangle is dry I want to show you the finished piece so here's what it looks like done so it's a really pretty elegant piece and I'm actually titling these the city of lights bracelets and I've got the gold version and the silver version and what we notice is when you hold two together there's a really interesting optical illusion that happens this one has more silver and it's on a really bright silver base and the gold looks really more of a shiny yellow gold now this one used the exact same gold leafing but because it's on the antique gold base and it has more gold than silver it looks more of a rosy gold so it's kind of an interesting fun thing to keep in mind as you're designing your bracelet that the colors of your base and how much you use of each really come into play in terms of what the finished piece will look like so you can find this project as well as many others and the supplies for them at you

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