How to Use Vintaj Patinas to Add Color to Buttons

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Adding a pop of color to buttons is quick and easy with Vintaj Patinas - paints specifically made to work on metal. By adding a little color to your buttons, you can now easily coordinate your buttons to your beads for all your jewelry making projects.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Julia beadaholique and in this video I want to introduce you to some recent additions to the patina color line by vintage and then also show you a really fun application for patinas so these are what patinas look like they're great little paint bottles and they're permanent fast drying paint that applies to metal which is great so here we have a green opal a golden agate a turquoise fire opal coral and sandstone so these are in addition to the wide varieties of other colors already available now one thing that I've been really having fun with lately are these wrap bracelets I do a mother wrap at loom and I want to start to do some colorful ones in fact this here is the beads I'm going to use on my next one and I want to have a button that matches because for these you use a button so I've been having fun coloring buttons with the vintage patina cuz it's really the perfect application these are metal buttons and I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna paint them so I'm going to show you how to do a flower and then also I thought this was a really fun application here we have that tree and the background has been painted so if I was gonna match my beads to my patina color here I've used this green opal and I'm gonna accent it with the golden agate and then for this tree maybe I will do something really bright maybe I'll do the fire opal in the background and you don't need to seal these which is really great I've covered my work surface and for a paint brush I am just using a pointed toothpick I'm gonna have a paper towel handy and to squeeze my paint on I am just going to use the bag that the patina came in so shake up your penis and I'm gonna do the tree first so what's nice is if you do squeeze it out onto a plastic bag I find the patina doesn't dry out as fast so you actually do have some good work time in but as opposed to maybe putting on like a post a note or something you do have a little bit longer work time if it's on plastic so I'm just gonna take my toothpick and I'm gonna put it into the background and I'm being careful but honestly I'm not being super careful so I'm going to show you how to wipe away the excess this is why I like using a toothpick it does let you get into those finer areas there are a lot of buttons out there these ones are by tierracast there's a lot of different things you can do when you are trying to paint up some buttons and it's really an application I have not used patina for before but since I have started making these bracelets it's really a nice way of coordinating the button which is usually just available in a metal finish to my beads so it looks just a little bit more cohesive as a little unexpected looks a little more custom too and these vintaj patinas because they're made from metal are really ideal okay so I'm gonna let that dry for just a little bit probably just a minute or two it dries pretty fast once it's been applied to the middle now as that's drying I'm going to start my flower pick this guy up again test around the edges and it is really starting to dry so it does dry fast and it's metal and take my paper towel and go across the surface and I'm just rubbing there we go we're seeing that tree merge all the pretty detailed leaves and then it stayed in the background so there is my little silver tree with that nice poppy background of that wonderful fire opal and now I am ready to do my flower so for my flower I'm gonna take my toothpick and again just use it like a paintbrush I'm gonna stay a little ways away from the center I'm gonna be blending two colors here okay I'm gonna take it fresh toothpick and now I'm just going to go right up to that little center area and put a little bit of the yellow I want to get a marbled effect otherwise I would have waited until my miss color here the nice green opal was dry but I want him to blend together for me I think that's really pretty for the flower you'll notice I'm also just going ahead sometimes and trying to wipe off my toothpick a little it looks like it could use a little bit more and pull it out towards the outside there we go now on this one I'm just gonna hold it for a few minutes actually you don't like that little dab right there I'd like I'm just gonna go like that okay I'm just gonna hold this for a few minutes because there is enough paint in the center that if I tilted it and let it just sit like this it might run a little bit so I'm just gonna hold that for a few minutes it won't take long it'll be dry and then I'll have my button ready to coordinate to my beads to make another one of these fun bracelets on the rapid loom I hope you enjoyed this really quick idea about how you can go ahead and customize your buttons whether you're using them for bracelets or for clothing or whatever it might be using vintaj patinas which are really really great for metal we've used them for a whole bunch of different purposes here at beadaholique newer colors being added to the already extensive line of colors of vintaj patinas and all of this is available at you

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