Show & Tell: Cord End Findings for Round Leather

SKU VID-1323
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn about some recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of cord end findings. These cord ends are great to use with round leather cord that is under 2mm in diameter. In the video see how easily it is to slide a 1.5mm leather cord into a finding and crimp the finding. You can also glue the cord into a finding and use non-leather cords as well.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
how I have its julie with and findings collection i want to show you what type of glue you'll use with them i also want to show you the type of leather or cords you'd want to use and just review a couple other ones that we already have in our existing collection so here are the new guys and they are really fun you have a three slot one because it fit three cords through and got this nice loop i'll show you what that looks like here from the top down view you have a double one our designer rachel has made a really fun pair of earrings with this guy there's a little magnetic clasp set and there's that glue and well just some little cord ends with a loop up at the top to attach a jump ring or a clasp to and that's really fun hook-and-eye one now the well itself for all the ones you see here is a 2 millimeter i really like to use our 1.5 millimeter leather cord with it and that's what you see here it gives just a little bit of wiggle room which is really quite nice it fits in there very easily and this one fits a 3 millimeter cord now over here these are from tierracast these are from their makers collection and they really do fit the 1.5 millimeter chord beautifully as well and there's a couple little crimp ones so if you're going to be using the gluon ones such as a magnetic clasp or the hook and eye or the maker's collection I really recommend it super new glue it's a really nice glue that creates a good firm bond and it's easy to get into the well as well now here's just a sampling of our pretty leather cord and this is a 1.5 millimeter - it's really soft and subtle so that's going to be really easy to use and then for these guys you'll see that some of these are crimped ones and this is actually a crimp one as well you see it's just been flattened in the middle so I want to show you how to do it I go touched one already so if we take a little piece of cord and we're just going to take one of these little guys it's so easy to do just put it through if you keep pushing it we'll push out to the other side you just want it to rest in there you're just going to take a pair of chain nose pliers and squeeze and it just flattens out that Center and now you have your cord nice and stuck in there it's going to be really secure to make bracelets earrings or necklaces so you can find everything you've seen here as well as many other components that work with these guys at you

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