Show and Tell: Czech Bead Color Mixes

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the variety of mixes available in these color coordinated boxes of Czech Glass beads. Using these divided boxes, makes designing easy with perfectly matched colors. Choose your favorite or mix and match to create one-of-a-kind designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with in these really nice plastic organizational palettes so you can actually take it on the go it comes with a nice little lid so you can cover all your beads up so it's a really great little of Transportation or if you're traveling or anything like that these are really really great so I wanted to sort of pour out some of the ones here so just you can kind of see the variety of the types of beads that you'll get now with each of the different styles in each of the different palettes all the beads are actually really really different so you're not always going to get this bead in whatever color it is or this bead and whatever color that is so you're going to get a nice little mix with each individual one so you're always going to get some form of seed beads you can see there's a couple different sizes here in my pile and we also have some spacer beads there's a dagger bead in this one I like these they have these little purple sort of little wings or feathers or leaves however you kind of want to utilize them we have some hearts and then we have some other like bigger beads here as well so you can really focus on changing up the different size and sort of putting them together now one of the things that I was very aware of while I was trying to work with this is that I wanted to bring in a metal component to really bring together the colors so I created a memory wire bracelet here now I wanted to use those silver noodle beads and I didn't use all the types of beads that come in this package but I did use a lot of them but I wanted to keep it somewhat the same size like for example I wanted to incorporate this because I think it's such a neat bead but it wasn't quite going on my memory wire so I'll use that for something else so there's a lot you can actually do with this memory wire stringing you can also just pull out the one color of CDs let's say you were really drawn to this one color you'll see that you actually get quite a few beads in here so you'll be able to maybe just use that with another design so it's a really great little kind of starter pack so just to point out some of the beautiful color mixes I have over here just nice red and like I was saying with the adding metal beads in there it just has a nice little copper so you can really draw that out with this particular red and then we also have a purple that also has a little bit of red here so you're getting that neutral tone of that purple and we have some seed beads and some different kind of beads up here as well he kind of mix and match this one is really neat because it has the blue and the purple but you also get some really saturated greens down here and really unique beads so you can kind of see like right here there's some different sort of styles that are so less than the seed beads here you'll get them some sometime in neat and a little punchy and this is really nice this is a beautiful sort of garden mix you're going to get those greens with peaches those blues and those pinks as well and then over here we have something for the pink lovers so you're going to get some beautiful magenta and some of those seed beads as well and I love this color here this is like a nice pearly pearly pink and you get some red and some peaches here to kind of draw that in together and then that sort of middle of the road is you're going to get the purples and pinks but it's a little bit of a different than the oven purple and pink you'll see that you get some really nice focal beads with this one so a lot of fun things to do with these bead mixes so definitely explore try working in some metals and have just a lot of fun with this I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and even more videos at and if you enjoy this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below

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