Show and Tell: Czech Glass Donut Rondelle Beads

SKU VID-1315
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn about the Czech Glass Donut rondelle beads available at There are 3 different sizes available: 3x5mm, 4x7mm, and 6x9mm. These beads are great for stringing projects as well as many other jewelry making applications.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
okay this is julie with in ATAR the second is a four by seven and the largest is a six by nine and you can see they come in a great variety of finishes we've got some Mac some luster some travertine just beautiful beads and you can see all the different colors on our website now I do want to show you a quick project I made with these now this is a smallest size which you see a couple little ones here these are the three by five and if I actually hold them up I want to show you their shape so if you're familiar with a rondelle beads they're very similar to that so they're not really a full round and more like a little bit of a squashed round and this is the three by five millimeter I'm going to use four different strands and just really pretty combined together here's the medium-sized one that four by seven and you can see a little bit better their shape here nice uniform holes really easy to bead and work with and they're just a really great staple to your beading projects whether you're doing stringing or maybe you're either going to incorporate this into some bead weaving it look great with like a right angle weave this small one a lot of different things you can do with them you can find all of these beads here as well as many other czech glass beads at you

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