Show and Tell: TierraCast Make a Statement Collection

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the various components of the TierraCast Make a Statement Collection. This collection features themes of geometry, rhythm and renewal with their chevron daggers, ethnic beads, lotus charms and more.
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Hi, this is Kat with art by talking about the rhythm collection and if I can just draw your attention to this area over here these are going to feature some of the beautiful ethnic pieces these are bars and I love how they have open links so there's five little triangles there and you can use these for stringing on going up and down you can sort of turn it and use it as a bar it's really interesting and they have two different sides to them so you can see that there's little triangles here in the center on that side but when you flip it over you're going to have a little sort of chevron pattern that goes back and forth so they are kind of really neat in each different colorway has its own unique style so you can see here we have an antique silver and antique gold and a brass oxide which is going to be the main style of this sort of collection here so just to move on they have more of the ethnic style and these are the little tiny ethnic darts and these have really cute little things again these have a front and a back so let me just sort of show you a little bit and you'll be able to see all of this a little bit clearer on the website with our really close-up photos but they have just little different patterns on each side and then we have the spikes and those are going to be that same as well we have some really interesting ethnic beads now these are the long ones and you can sort of see right next to them do we have these short ones that are about half the size so those are really fun to work with and I think I'll actually do a design incorporating both of them so you can create some really interesting interesting pieces and then we also have this ethnic sort of barrel bead which has that nice little style all the way across and I just love that it has I'm just really a nice little step-down pattern when you look at the edge so it kind of can create a nice little focal but it is a bead so it's very interesting we also have this fan and again it has a little triangle holes at the bottom there so you can hang things either tassels or create an earring so tena is that nice little chandelier earring and speaking of earrings we do have these really beautiful post earrings with a loop at the bottom and you can sort of just see the back there so it's a nice post you will need to purchase some earring backs to go with these they just come just as post but that way you can kind of make it specific to your needs and then continuing on here we have some other sort of earring findings now these could be necklace findings as well but again they have those triangle openings at the bottom and there are five and they do have two different sides to them so you have one with those little arrows and then the other side has that front flat face and these sort of go nicely and I sort of paired them with their own little guys here is these are the ethnic V links so again they have a front and a back to them so lastly you can do you can sort of place them together and use the arrows with the arrows so must love to play with their so speaking of that I did create a pair of earrings using many of these elements here and I'll go over some of the ones that are not part of that rhythm collection just yet but they have a really nice little fun sort of dangle and I love the spikes that you can use at the bottom it just really elongate that earring and I wanted to make a statement earring so I used some beautiful metal seed beads and as many of those little components as would fit nicely together so I wanted to make something that really had a nice pop to it with a nice little pop of color so moving right along here I'm going to focus on the geometry collection here and this is just really really simple and now these finishes are a little bit different so we're going to have a bright gold a bright rhodium and a brass oxide so you'll be able to use these in conjunction and they do still match if you want to look at the earrings again here they do still match with all of the other finishes so it really does bring the whole collection together from tierracast so we have these really neat Chevron beads and these will go really well with these criss cross links and the faceted v links they also look really really nice with these trapezoid beads now these are kind of interesting and I just want to show these to you they're really really thick which is nice so that you can sort of use them as an anchor to a design but they have nice large holes there for you to put head pins or to do stringing you can also do bead weaving and this is really great I know you might not think traditionally bead weaving with some metal components like this but you'll be able to make several thread passes so that's actually a really nice anchor bead and you can sort of use it as a little bit of a strand reducer because it has that sort of tapered shape so we also have the daggers so there's the shorter daggers either 1/2 inch and the longer daggers these our 3/4 of an inch so you can use these in conjunction as well and you can see in the earrings I sold them all together to use with the longer daggers and the dart beads so so just kind of a way to just sort of pull those two together and then to finish out we have the renewal collection now these feature beautiful lotus links and beads and they also feature these flame charms here and the raindrop charms now these are both 14 millimeters and they have a beautiful crystal in there so they're already pre embellished for you so you can just kind of add them to either an earring hook or just at the base of any type of earring where you just want to elongate that drop so the Lotus are really well done pieces I love how that they are just open lengths without any sort of additional loop so you can sort of use them how you want you can use them facing up if you wanted to attach to those two sort of petals you could do is three petals you could also sort of use it down and you know that's what the beautiful thing is about the tierracast collection is it's 360 so there's no stamping there's no front there's no back there's no right or wrong way to use these so just kind you can see in this design here they were used upside down and then they were turned the shorter ones were turned to kind of face upwards so you create a nice little eye dance going up and down and if you're curious these are Swarovski crystal pearls so and they are just so gorgeous and they really just look so wonderful with that antique antique gold so we also do have little Lotus ear finding and again these have little loops on the bottom so you can attach just various things to them but they are a nice little post and you will need to purchase some additional earring backs to go with those but we have all different kinds for you to choose from at and then finally these are the little pieces here that were used here and you can use them going up or going down so a lot to lots of play with this is a really beautiful collection again it is you make a statement collection and it features themes of rhythm geometry and renewal so I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and our project tutorials at you

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