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Today i'm going to show you how to make a caged bead. Today we are using sixteen gauge craft wire I always use less expensive wire to practice with before I go to precious metals. You're gonna want to take and cut an eight-inch piece of the craft wire. With a pair of nylon jawed flat nose pliers you're gonna want to take out any of the kinks in the wire. So I just pull it along and try to take out as many as you can. And now I take my round nose pliers and I place the very tip of the sixteen gauge wire just about an eighth of an inch round up on my round nose to make a small circle. Then i place the circle I just made between my nylon jawed parallel pliers and grasp of the pliers pretty tightly and you're gonna take your thumb and you're going to bend that wire up and you're going to open up the pliers. Bend the wire up open the pliers until you start making a spiral. Once you start one end you want to go to the opposite end, make another spiral with your chain nose pliers. Again take your loop and put it inside of the parallel flatnose pliers in the opposite direction. You want to make a spiral. You keep altering back and forth until the spirals at the same size. That's what you're spiral should look like when you're finished. Now you're gonna take your round nose pliers and push it up through the center. Push it up on the other side in the same direction. Once the spirals are pushed up you're going to bend the spirals together in half. Once you finish bending it in half, your bead should look just like this. And what we're gonna do now is we're going to open up that bead, the caged bead big enough to place a round bead inside. Then I just squoosh it down. Once you place you're bead inside you set that aside to make an i-pin. Cut off the piece of wire about five or six inches long to make the i-pin. And take the tip about an eighth of an inch up and make a loop. I bring the pliers back and around to make the neck and back to make an i-pin. Now you want to thread the i-pin through the whole of the cage bead into the hole of the bead. Straight down through until it comes out opposite side. I squeeze it down with my fingers and then cut off about three eighth of an inch and make the other part of the i-pin. Make a loop. So I put a little bit of a kink in it to give to give it a bit of a design with my chain nose pliers. It also helps tighten the caged bead down on the top of the bead. And there you have your caged bead. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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