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Today we're going to make Ear Wire Hoops. We're going to begin with two links of twenty or twenty two gauge half hard wire that are about half an inch longer than you would like the circumference of the hoops to be. I use artistic craft wire to practice with before going to precious metal. Use your round nose pliers to convert each wire into an i-pin. Use a bench blocking and chasing hammer to slightly flaten on the top of the two i-pins. If the i-loop opens during hammering, use your round nose pliers to wiggle it close. Press the eye of one pin against ring mandrel using the thumb of your dominant hand. Use the thumb and fingers of your other hand to wrap the wire tightly all the way around the mandrel. Now slide the loop off. And run the wire end through the pin eye. You're going to place it back on the ring mandrel to the size of the hoop of the earring that you would like. Make sure that the end of the wire doesn't come out of the pin eye. And I just bend the wire with my fingers to tighten it around the mandrel. Slide the loop off the mandrel and place it on the bench block with the pin eye over the edge of the bench block so that the loop lies flat. Lightly hammer the loop with your chasing hammer all the way around slightly to slightly flatten it and stiffen it. If needed slide the loop back onto the mandrel to restore it's circular shape. With your flush cutters you're going to trim off the bent wire to about an eighth of an inch in length. Use your diamond file to smooth your rough edges on the wire end. And here's your hoop earring You will repeat all the steps to make the second hoop earring. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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