How to Make Wire Hook Earrings

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Designer: Kathy Mannix
Beadaholique's Kathleen shows us how to quickly and easily make your own earring hook ear wires for your handmade jewelry, using wire, flush cutters, bail-making pliers, and round nose pliers. Also used - either a chasing hammer and bench block, or a wire wacker.
Audio Transcript
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Today we're going to make a pair of Ear Wire Hooks. Begin with two lengths of twenty or twenty two gauge half hard wire. Two inches in length. I used artistic craft wire to practice with before going to precious metal. Using your large bail making pliers. Center the wire between the two plier tips on the top of the larger mandrel. Use your fingers to bend down both ends of the wire until they cross below the mandrel. Slide that off. Now use your round nose pliers to create a loop at one end of the wire. Make sure the loop is facing away from the opposite end of the wire Now grasp the opposite end of the wire with the thickest part of the jaws of the round nose pliers. Roll the pliers to make a gentle outward curve at the end of the wire. Now place the ear wire on the 4x4 bench block. Using your chasing hammer work harden the top of the ear wire. Okay when you're finished making your ear wire hook. You're going take your flush cutters and just nip off the very end. And then take your diamond file, and you wanna to file off any rough edges of that tip. And you can repeat the steps to make the second Ear Wire Hook. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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