How to Make a Bracelet with Slide Knots

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make a bracelet with slide knots using 2mm round leather cord and large hole beads. You will also see how to use crimp covers to hold the beads in place.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to make a bracelet with slide knots so there I have three two millimeter round leather cord I've got some metal and wood beads with large holes a couple of tools I'll be using and some crimp covers at the end I'll be putting those on so to begin I've got two and a half feet of cord here I'm going to put my beads on first got some nice large hold Stardust metal beads some would be in some nicely feed get this on there and this is a good technique to learn for adjustable bracelet and it will be classless as well okay so I've got my beads on I'll be doing the crimp covers at the end that's something optional just kind of a design tip so now that I have my beads on I'm going to bring the two ends across each other so other is laying parallel and pull them evenly so that I have a good size loop larger than the bracelet will be bring my ruler in here and measure myself about a six-inch length of tail so I'm going to curb that tail over on itself like so you begin to coil my tail around the rest of the leather making it fairly basic and I'm going to be doubling underneath these loops and come around four times three and for and I will take the tail and tuck it back underneath those coils yeah pull work that knot down on itself so that it tightens up like so got my first knot make sure that this is snug you'll see that it pulls along the length of the cord so now on the other side going to measure so that the loop is big enough to fit over my hand that would be the starting point and then grip between and I made myself about an inch and a half or so take my other tail and double back and doing the same thing in Reverse and I take that tail and rotate around once twice three and four times and then loop it back under and once I get this through work those coils down so that it pulls the knot tight there we go and now I have my two adjustable knot and then you just have to figure out which side you pull on to get it to move get that side that side once I'm confident that my knots are nice and knows I can go ahead and clip those ends moving just a little bit of tail and this is optional but what I'm going to do is take my crimp covers and put them over on either side to make my beads lay stationary also adds a nice little pop of gold color on the end there to go with my design so I've got the one on just going to close it over the leather like them you know just sitting on the other side and close that one up there we go this is really nice or a float using slip knocks it's fully adjustable I can open it up slide it on and then fit it to my desired size here going to play with it a little bit to slide the knots into place here we go hope you enjoyed this video and all of these supplies and beats are available at thanks for watching you

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