How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet Using Round Leather Cord

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to weave a fishtail braided bracelet using 2mm round leather cord. You will also see how to tie off the bracelet and add a clasp. This technique lends itself well to earthy, masculine style jewelry.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique using round leather cord here's a finished piece I made using alternating light and dark this is 10 strands of 1.5 millimeter leather cord with a nice snap hook clasp and I really like this style it could also be great for men so I'm going to make a bracelet using two millimeter sized leather cord with this neat snake cleft and I'm going to attach the ends of my leather onto this bead stopper which will be really handy tool for us here otherwise I've just got some s long thread I'm going to tie the ends off on and ready and glue them into the clasp and just clip the extra so let's get started I've got some pre-cut lengths here five each color in there 1.5 feet long I'm going to set myself up here so I'll take my bead stopper and I'm going to start loading my leather onto it by tucking each end of the cord into its own little section and there are ten sections each of attend leather strands the 1.5 millimeter for the other bracelet slipped in real quick it's a little tighter with the 2 millimeter but it does work and you'll notice for this design I'm going to put five of one color on one side and five on the other and it's going to create a color-block effect when I start weaving the braid which will be different than the alternated effect of this one I'm going to get the greens and I'm going to do the blacks these bead Stoppers are great for all sorts of multi strand projects look at that little bit flatter with my finger and it works just pitch it if it doesn't quite fit it's a little tighter to the end once I have them all on there and go last whoom and on they fit quite tightly which is nice you don't have to get a whole lot of the leather and it really holds it to cure my got my leather in there so now I'm simply going to begin my weave of the fishtail I'm going to separate the two colors and start from the outside and bring them to the center like I would with a three strand braid but this is five alternating on your side the bead stopper keeps them nice and flat and straight so you know which one you're doing I'm working inward bringing them to the center and you'll see what happens when I reach the end of each color if they're going to switch over and alternate in walking style so you'll see I'm pinching them with my fingers so they stay flat in line and that way I know which ones next again I'm working from the outside as I pull them inward and just creating that pattern so it's the same weeds just in a different different organization it's very simple and it works up very quickly I'm out in out to eat it's going to keep going all the way down the length of my bracelet taking into account the length of the clasp so that will shorten my braid just a bit you will notice if you miss a strand it starts to get woven woven in looks a bit out of place inside there so you know it's just backtrack if you need to we didn't need to worry about attaching into the bracelet in any way to a surface you can just kind of float midair which is nice weather really keeps its shape okay so I'll finish this up and then come back and we'll put the clasp off all right so I'm finishing up my left color section here you can see how it's built up oh yeah I'm ready to tie it off using some thread so first thing I'm going to clip this best I can just quickly and get it stopped and cut my threads here and you're going to secure the end and help them just stick a little bitter better inside of the class now I'm gonna start this end bring my thread around and just tie a simple overhand knot on top of my weaving kind of that's close up to the end as I can get it and to secure it I'm going to bring other end over and tie again you do this a couple times around the width of the bracelet to get it secure hold with the thread so it did a couple single overhand knots and now I'm going to double it up with two knots one - there we go click my end and do that on the other side single flip it over to another single and this helps keep the cord from slipping off because the leather is a little bit slippery use my finger as a stopper there I'll do my double knot if one and two so I'm tied off and then I'm ready to be brave and cut much cut my cord to take the stopper before I cut I'm going to prepare my glue inside of my clasp so that I know I'm ready to pop it right in there so you 6000 strongest stuff but it's kind of work come out just use a toothpick dab it in there space is going to be pretty tight for all the leather that's sitting in so I don't need a whole lot of glue or it'll just blot off the edges to cover the surface in there kind of stringy I can also wipe the edge like so so that's ready and then can go ahead and cut my cords close as I can to that thread without them slipping out the other side now I'm ready to tuck it there's one side you can see that s LAN thread help to build it up just enough that it holds slightly better on in there and probably grabs to the to the glue as well so that's going to need to dry for at least an hour to be gentle attaching the other side the same way get it positioned so it doesn't fall off in the process here again now I'm going to prepare my glue make sure I'm ready to go in with the end get my surface nice and covered wipe the edge and the cut leverage on this side you see while I pivot there we go boom and we lend a stopper right couldn't cords make sure you get as close as I can ideally I don't want any of my Athlon cords showing out of the clasp all right now I'm going to pay attention to where the scales on the tail are scales on the head because the underside is is blink on the tail you put that head on again though we're going to let that dry just to give you an idea of the finished look gently bring it around and clasp it like so so these are the fishtail bracelet using round leather cord in 1.5 and 2 millimeter these project bundles and all these supplies are available at thanks for watching you

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