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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique - --is-- friendship bracelet weaving with ribbon grips here I have a finished bracelet my tree hugger bracelet which I completed using this technique and it's got a nice focal connector link and for this project I'll be putting together a choker using these various components connector link chain crimps jump rings and clasp here's a section that I finished some tools that I have here are cutters flat nose pliers and round I've got some GS hypo cement my scissors and best of all I have this wonderful time station I'm going to be using to finish up my weave here to get to that we have a separate video on how to do the Chevron weave friendship bracelets we also have a separate video on just the plain banded friendship bracelet and both of those would be good to use with the ribbon crimps which come in different sizes depending on the width of the bracelet that you're weaving and using s long cord which is a nice strong nylon comes in a lot of really pretty colors mmm make sure I stay in order with my thread so these ribbon crimps are really nice way to and address up the traditional friendship bracelet incorporating components here we go all right so now that my weight is done I can take it off of my time station scoop that out of the way now in order to attach my ribbon crimps I'm going to cut the extra off of my bracelet here tighten up my knots just a bit also going to reinforce first off with some glue I'm going to have the glue all along the edges of these knots I get to cut them out on then flip it over and do the same thing one side and also on the other side see what I'm doing no going to be brave and cut my threads so a little nerve-wracking to see it cut so close but tell me fit into the ribs and crimps take those larger strings off and then to get a real close cut I'm actually going to bring in my flush cutters get them right up to the end like so that way I won't have any extra sticking out from my crimp so bring that in and with little teeth on the edges of these cramps that dig nicely into the fabric of my weave and make for a good secure connection and my flat pliers you just can help me quick down on in there's one side pin out for the other do the same thing just very well used I'm going to get a closer cut with my flush cutters I'll bring in my other ribbon crimp nice tight squeeze there and I have a little bit sticking off the side of me again I'm going to use my flush cutters to clean that up it won't get just a little bit on this side nice and then we have my two sides for my necklace when I'm ready to construct it and then lay everything out in order that I'll be putting it together so first I want to make sure that my two sections have the Chevron pointing in the way that I want they're going to frame the piece nicely this way so bring everything in with the pieces of my puzzle in place and you'll see here I have some really nice napped curb chain it's got a nice shine to it so this will lend itself well to the design and also make for some good extension chain which is perfect for chokers once I've long within the other because the class is going to go on one end alright somebody to put everything together it's going to take my pliers and use my jump rings to attach excuse me nice flash closures and open these nice and wide to accommodate the thickness of my link which I wouldn't just call a quatrefoil shape I thought it was needed these pinch cramps have a textured surface it sort of mirrors the weave of the piece well I put that on backwards let's we want to be careful of - here let me do that make sure those sides of the weave are facing properly okay and I pre-cut my chain after I measured to make sure if it was going to be proper length for my design lastly I will attach my clasp with a nice sturdy six millimeter jump rings I'm using there's my choker via adjustable length so these project bundles and all of these tools and supplies sample at thanks for watching you

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