How to Make a Cross Style Chain Woven Bracelet

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create a cross style chain woven bracelet using 3mm faux suede and thick flattened curb chain. You will see how to tie off the cord and attach a clasp for this design as well as for a similar version of this bracelet using whip stitch.
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hi this is Alexandra at PETA Halik here to show you how to make a cross style chain woven bracelet for this project I'll be using some thick flattened curb chain with a toggle clasp some three millimeter microfiber faux suede a little bit of glue at the end to secure the knot a couple pairs of pliers and flush cutters you'll see here I've got my tying station with some thread to mount my chain so that I have two hands to work with and here I've got a mostly finished piece done in a very similar style using parallel curved chains to lengths that are sewn together using a whip stitch of three millimeter in purple of the faux suede so I've attached one side of that class and toward the end of the video I'll be showing you how to attach the other side in the same way it's a little different than what we'll be doing with the cross stitch versus the whip stitch so to begin I'm going to cut myself a couple lengths of this s lon thread nylon cord here and now time I change together and mount them onto the time station it was glad to find a use for these big thick chains that wouldn't normally think to wear myself but I love how they turn out and sort of craft the artisan style really nice effect make sure that my chains are hanging straight so that the two lengths are flat and I'm lining up my links that way and pull overhand knot and I'm ready to put it on kind patient very handy tool just stringing up my hand it's the work go a load on the second part of my bracelet hand this type has a foam pad that helps to lift it up a little bit for leverage tighten it up a little actually adjust on this end which is helpful alright so now that my chains are loaded I'm ready to cut my suede I'm going to be cutting five feet for the cross stitch you have the purple version with the whip stitch is half that there we go so to load the suede on I'm going to string it through the top two links and pull it halfway through so I have two and a half feet coming off of each side so once I've got those on there I'm going to set one aside and just begin the whip stitch as I did in the purple bracelet here we're going to come all the way down with that before we start the cross stitch on the other side now when we make sure we get the right cords going in the right directions so for this I'm just bringing the leather through the next set of Link's over top around and through over top around and through the Swedish is flat - and make sure that you get it not link leaves keep it going in the same direction like so so I'm going to keep going all the way now and then meet up with you when we start the other side down to my last couple of links here and then I'll be done on this side come soon my final legs and you come back up to the top start the same thing on the other side opposite direction so let's see how this fits through when I practiced it was slightly tighter fit and my pliers were really handy it looks like going to give you an easy time of it though so good coming over the top of my previous cord and through the links the same way creating a cross stitch and you'll see that the two sides of the chain are still flattened against each other but once this is done we'll open them up and see what we have should I get through both links and one came through the middle so I need to get back here and get up and then it's where my plotters might tell me sometimes the weather can be a bit of a tight fit now just take my flat tire and I'll help me pull it through make sure the chains are still flat against each other I think that's the key keeping the legs aligned pleasures which I'm going to keep going down should be done just couple minutes looks up pretty quickly it's a really um striking striking results all right solution up here and you'll notice that my change has gone slack it's pretty way to you so I'm going to create a bit more tension there just by pulling the two heads apart get myself up through the second leg of this side and just open the two more round there we go and cut the CrossFit your sec now so you can ready to take my bracelet off yeah turn down here's where we can open it up and see that cross stitch effect between the links of chance pretty neat is what it looks like on the other side it's also very clean finish on there so to finish off just go ahead and clip off the threads and then get it tied is the basic over here not on this side double knot actually and I'll reinforce it with some glue make sure I have it laying right the Swede does a pretty tight secure knot on itself for it clip time and add the glue it's my G has hypo cement tuck them into the crevices now I'm going clear alright so now I'm ready to clip the ends of my suede just with a pretty small amount of tail on each side and go ahead and attach our toggle clasp with a couple of nice strong ten millimeter jump rings bring the two sides of a chain back together a little bit let's jump ring through go ahead you clasp pause and close it up nice and tight here's one time Gissing things with the far side of the toggle jump ring on clasp on and close we go there's a cross style folding bracelet really striking look how that turned out a lot I want to show you for the whip stitch version smaller one how to go ahead and achieve this knotted glued closure using just one side of the leather so what I'm going to do is you'll notice there are two small links left on the ends and I want to thread my leather up through those just start before I go through my second one here's what I'm going to do I'm going to take my fist to my class here I've got a soldered six millimeter jump ring and I must ring that onto my suede it's going to provide the attachment for my open jump ring to attach the toggle in turn so go through the second small link you've created my go-between there we'll leave it actually just a little bit slack if you want to be able to tuck through that loop and again here's where the pliers come in very handy to grip and pull do that one loop and I'm going to actually do the same thing down the next two loops of the back of this bracelet this is all of it train its way through tighten it up you begin slide it through without it secured that way and go ahead and do some glue on there use the tip to go underneath equip and you know I did is just attach my taco class with nine one five millimeter open jump ring so there they are we've got the whipstitch version and the cross-stitch version of the woven chain bracelet evening book suede I hope you enjoyed this video these project angle tools and supplies are all available at thanks for watching you

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