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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to show a catch a wrapped wire loop and a simple wire loop using head pins on to findings such as chain or clasps or whatever you need so here we have some 5 millimeter Rolo chain with some pretty 6 millimeter beads and I'm just going to demonstrate to you here how to first do the a simple wire loop onto the chain sneak the right size that I want here click the tail and open the loop as I would a jump ring off to the side you can see I've already attached three of them and so what I'm going to do is look and see which direction they're hanging on these links and get it off to that same side of the chains it could be hanging nice and straight together and then I'm just going to close it up as I put a jump ring so that's for the simple wire loop and then for the rest wire loop pretty much the same process where you're going to put the bead on create our wrap and you can see over here I have a finished piece this inner earth necklace has the demonstration of this technique all up the sides with some clear cords so now for my wrapped wire loop I'm going to angle off my plier and create my wrap before like coil this is where again I'm going to find the placement that I want on my chain latch the wrap on and coil it shut you shouldn't you tell you attach a wrap before you close it up it's great for dangles and adding a really nice decorative element to your piece so this project bundle and all of these components are available at thanks for watching you

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