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hi this is rachel with beadaholique - i colored metal seed beads now these are beautiful beads they come in size 11 oh and size 8 oh and they have a really great vibrant colourful finish and this color is achieved by applying an epoxy paint over the brass base of the bead and because they're metal beads because they're brass they are a little bit heavier than your average glass beads so just bear that in mind that they're kind of a more weighty seed bead so these beads have a join if they have a little seam because they are metal but they're very hard to notice actually so they look really even in terms of their coloring so I'll just show you the colors we have red dark green purple orange and I love this orange because it's kind of muted it's a very kind of calm soothing orange and we have dark brown beige and yellow and those colors come in both sizes and we also have two additional colors that only come in 11 oh and that's turquoise and a medium green so these are a really nice palette of colors that these beads come in you can use these beads the same way you would use glass seed beads but because they're metal the holes have a little bit of a sharp rough edge to them so I just want to say a few words about the string materials you would use one option is beading wire and this is a great material for these beads but one thing to be careful of is if you have a lot of the beats rubbing against this beading wire the beads can start to rub away at that nice smooth finish of the beading wire so you'd want to be careful not to have too much movement in your piece so that's one option another thing you can do is bead weaving and for that we would recommend fireline thread and we would actually recommend are heavier fireline thread this is an 8-pound 0.007 diameter thread and that's for the same reason because these are metal beads and the holes are a little bit sharp so you wouldn't want those beads cutting your thread and having your jewelry piece fall apart on you you can actually use the 6-pound 0.006 diameter fire line - this is our lighter fire line thread and I'll just show you a quick right angle weave that I did with some of these beads but I did a little experiment and I was really rubbing this thread back and forth against the edge of the bead there and it didn't cut the thread but it kind of flattened it out a little bit so that could lead to fraying down the road so if you're doing a piece with a lot of movements in it you might want to just play it safe and use the heavier fire line thread so that is bead weaving another thing you would want to do is use these beads for loom weaving or bead embroidery with Nemo thread and I'm just gonna cut a piece of this Nemo and show you one thing to be careful of Nemo is a very delicate thread so I'm just gonna string on one of these eight O beads here and I'll just show you what happens when there's too much rubbing going on now you wouldn't want to do this much wear and tear of your piece when you have your jewelry piece made but I just want to show you just for purposes of letting you see what happens when there's too much rubbing on the 900 thread it just starts to fray maybe you can see it gets a little bit war and a little bit frayed and that's just not something you want to happen in your jewelry pieces so I would recommend that if you're going to be working with these beads with Nemo you would secure them tightly you would make sure there isn't too much ribbon going on in the thread and actually one good thing you can do is to condition your thread before you use it so this is some thread heaven thread conditioner and I would just run the Nemo through the conditioner and that was strengthen it against any possible fraying from these metal beads so you can also use these beads for wire wrapping and because of their vibrant colors they've make beautiful wire wrap jewelry so that's a great option for projects you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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