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Hi, this is Kat with and gle weave rope and I have an example here of what I've done now I've added it to the top row there and to the bottom row as you can see I added those little spikes very kind of fun and cool now we do have the full video on how to actually do this weave so if you haven't done that already I definitely recommend watching that and then we also do have a video on how to embellish a right angle weave and this is just a version that will show you how to do it on cubic but it's very similar so if you haven't done that I recommend watching that video as well so these are the czech fire polish the 4 millimeter beads and then I also have the crystal Utz and these kind of have a little bit of a shank on the back of them so they're kind of act like little little half beads there so I'm going to show you how to kind of add those to your cubic right angle weave work so I have my little rope here and I have my thread with my needle and I'm using the fireline the smoke in a size B and I have my size twelve beading needle here as well so I have it coming out the top there and all I'm going to do is sort of pick up one of my little crystal wets and now what you're going to be doing is weaving up and down so just go ahead and thread that down so you can kind of see where it's gonna lay and you also want to make sure that all of your loops are sort of going the same way so you'll see as I kind of like lay it in there how it should sort of look so you're just gonna kind of add it like that now that I have it there I'm gonna take my needle I'm actually going to take that and put it down and then I'm going to go through this bead right here okay so go ahead and then you might have to kind of wiggle it around a little bit to get it to fit in there really nice so just like so so now I have my little crystal it sitting right on top there and now I'm ready to do my next one where my throat is going to go across so pick up another crystal at and slide it down make sure it kind of sits in there nicely and then you're just going to go up through that next bead there now this is something that you can sort of do as you work through your project or you can and I'll show you one more time you can go back and add in a whole new piece of thread and just weave back through going through this way so it's very simple to just kind of add those on and you can also do it where you drop down to do one below it so if you wanted to do that and if you wanted to embellish all the way around you can actually go down through this bead right here so your crystal that will pop in there and then if you wanted to I recommend kind of going under that little thread path there and then you can add on your next bead here I'll go through I'll go all the way around just so you can see if you want to kind of have that aspect to it you can kind of add your bead in there so you've sort of created a little bit and then again I recommend trying to get underneath that thread path it'll just keep that thread hidden a little bit more add on another one and go through and you just kind of wiggle it into place go underneath that thread path and I'll grab my last one there and going through so there you go that's it's really simple you just kind of keep working in a sort of diagonal format across each one you can go back through to secure them if you like if you want it a little bit stiffer but that is the basic idea of how to add crystalloids to your cubic right angle weave again I have another video showing you how to do this weave how to do an embellishment on right angle weave and how to do right angle weave we also have more videos for how to tie off an add new thread which is another very helpful video anytime you're doing any type of bead weaving you can find all of these supplies and all of those videos at you

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