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Hi, this is Kat with in meter and size three is about seven and I'm going to show you the mean stitch here today using size three bugle beads I have 1100 Toho beads here I'm going to be using fire line in the smoke color size B but just let you know I did use crystal for this just choose whichever color is more appropriate for your color palette I have a pair of scissors here my size twelve beading needles and I also have just a little scrap stopper bead here so go ahead and thread your needle and you're going to want to go ahead and just thread on as much as you're comfortable working with you'll have to weave in and add more thread as you work and we do have another video showing you how to do that so I'm just going to go ahead and move some of my things out of the way and then we'll get started so to begin go ahead and pick up your stopper bead slide it down towards the end of your thread and now you're just going to take your needle and just go back through and just sort of catch that stopper bead on your thread so there we go we're all set go ahead and pick up two seed beads one bugle bead two seed beads one bugle bead slide those down and two more seed beads and one more bugle bead and slide those fall all the way down and now what we're going to do is we're going to kind of create a loop and we're going to go back through just that first seed bead right there and go ahead and pull tight and you're going to want to scooch that down all the way to your stopper bead so this is sort of what you're looking at right now let me flip it around so it's go in the right way so we went around and we went through that first seed bead right there so now I'm going to pick up one bugle bead and two seed beads and I'm going to take my needle and I'm going to go into the next first seed bead off of that bugle bead and I'm just going to repeat that process pick up one Google bead and two seed beads just kind of rotating my work there I'm going to go over bugle bead and go into that next seed bead right here and pull my work through making sure to not get your thread all tangled in there and you can see it's starting to want to sit on top there so again just pick up one bugle bead two seed beads skip over and I'm going to go into that next seed bead so now as you get it started you'll start to see that they'll start to sit on top of each other so just keep that pattern going I'll show you a few more times just so you can see a little bit more of the structure one bugle bead two seed beads skipping over and going into that first seed bead next to that bugle bead and repeat one bugle to seed going into that next seed bead and you'll want to keep a fairly good tension on this so just go ahead and keep scooting that down that's where the stopper bead comes in to be very helpful so you skip over and you're going into that next CB yeah I'm just going to do a few more really quickly here for you so you can start to see so you can start to see that it's forming that spiral structure and as you keep leaving it'll start to get a little bit stiffer and a little bit more developed so I'm going to do a little bit more and then come back and show you how it looks all right so now you can see just it's starting to form a little bit better and it just kind of has that beautiful spiral so you can feel free to definitely play around with colors and I just want to show you on the necklace that I've made here again I went from using the size 7 to the size 3 and it's a seamless join all you're going to do is start to pick up your smaller bugle beads there's no decrease or anything that will change in your stitch so I just wanted to point that out to you I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more beautiful colors of bugle seed beads at you

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