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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and they're really pretty and can see they come in a nice selection of colors the longer one is two and a half inches and then these guys here are one and a half inches long so let me show you what this actually looks like I'm gonna pull one out there are actually six pre-made tassels on this one thread and the thread is was holding them together so let me just scoot them apart a little bit so you can see them and what we need to do now is we need to find a way of attaching them to our jewelry designs and for me I think the easiest way is to just add a jump ring so right here I have an 8 millimeter jump ring is 20 gauge and it's an open jump ring so let's go ahead and open up that jump ring first before we do anything else so just grab it on either side with a pair of chain nose pliers and twist so we've got our jump ring ready now we need to get the tassel off of here now these do just slide very easily but I want the opening that I'm going to slide my jump ring through to be a little bit bigger because what I'm going to do essentially do is thread the jump ring through the core where this thread is once I pull the tassel off and then loop it around but I want that hole to be a little bit bigger so I'm going to go ahead and just grab the top of the tassel and I'm gonna pull the center area actually also grab just the thread I'm just gonna pull the center area down and that's that Center wrappings that I'm pulling down there we go so you can see a comparison now basically doubled that interior area so at this point I'm just gonna go ahead and slide it off the thread so I've got my tassel and now I need to slide that jump ring in so I'm just going to take the opening and you can see there's a little gap there or the thread left I'm just going to patiently slide it through like so go ahead pull it down to the center and now we need to close our jump ring now make sure your jump ring is closed evenly and I'm going to give you one little tip here in the design department we try to rotate that little opening of the jump ring so it was hidden beneath the fibers of the tassels it didn't work so great it ended up catching a lot on the edge threads so I wouldn't recommend it I just make sure that you have that jump ring really neat and tidy and close and you just leave it up top you really don't see the opening but what you can now do with this tassel is attach it to any part of your jewelry design which is really fun so that is how you attach a jump ring to a premade tassel you can find these tassels the jump rings and a lot of other projects and ideas at beadaholique.com you

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