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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com to enhance your metal flower beads now I have made a couple examples here and I've used silver patina on this black one here and you'll just see kind of how it just gives it a little extra pop I've actually splattered some patina to give this a little bit more of a funky look and then on this one I used a gold leafing pen just on the edges just to sort of add a little bit more color so I'm going to show you those three techniques using our three metal flower beads and I'm gonna start first with the gold leafing pen so go ahead and shake up your pen you can kind of use just a little scrap paper towel here just sort of get that going okay and now I'm going to use the black bead and all I'm going to do is just kind of DAB that ink on that edge there and you can just sort of work your way up and you can do as much or as little as you want you can kind of paint the whole edge there or something else you can do is you can actually just paint just the tip there just to kind of give it just that gold-flecked look so it's really up to you and just let that dry and then you'll be able to touch the other two sides and get those two done but I'm just going to move on just so we can show more fun techniques so I'm going to take my patina that I have in Nouveau silver shake that up yeah I'm gonna place a little bit on my paper towel here yeah cover that up while you're not using it and now I have my red flower here and I'm just gonna do the same where I'm just gonna sort of paint the edges there just kind of give it a nice little coat patina is something that you can go over twice just make sure to let it dry between your coats but kind of that same little little look there and you can also like I said you can just do the edging so if you wanted the edging all the way around just make sure you just kind of just get it on the edge there and it'll just sort of give you that nice sort of little metallic look there patina dries fairly quickly so you'll have just a little bit of time to work with it but I think you can end up doing some really really fun things so just however you want you can do thicker or you can just sort of outline in a color a silver or a pink or a black if you wanted to so now for my favorite technique is I'm going to actually splatter the patina on this let me get my other flowers out of the splash zone here and now you're going to need a good amount of patina and now you're just gonna really coat your paintbrush and here comes the messy fun part just take your finger and just kind of flick it down over it and you can get more and you can just keep doing this until you reached your desired coat level but there you go now you have a fun little splattered look and if you add this with some silver chain it'll give it a nice nice little pop and just be sure to wash your hands afterwards there you go so have a lot of fun with these guys they are really great we have a gold leafing pen as well as a silver leafing pen and we have so many colors of patina you can really get creative you'll be able to find all of these supplies at beadaholique.com you

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