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hi this is kat with and I've layered my three gemstones so what we're gonna do is we're going to use our little strand reducer here up at the top to make sure that they stay nice and even and don't get all twisted so I'm going to use a three strand reducer and this one here is by tierracast we also do have many other strand reducers that you can get at and today I'm going to be finishing off my project using some star cut gemstones from Dakota stones now this is a beautiful purple sardonyx but I did bring out some of the other star cut gemstones that we have here at beadaholique you can see that I've graduated my sizes and we do have a lot of those different sizes here as well so we have everything from you know a beautiful rose quartz and some of these are actually matte which is very very cool we have some dog teeth amethyst we have that sardonyx in a blue and a pink as well and then I also like to point this out because I know people love the multicolored strands so we have this version as well in the star cut so that's really fun to play with in this type of design okay so what we're going to be doing here is like I said I'm gonna be finishing off my project so we're gonna be doing our two strand reducers at the top and then I have some jump rings here and now these look probably a little thicker than what you're normally used to using these are actually six millimeter 19 gauge jump rings and the reason we're going a little bit thicker is because the gemstones are gonna be heavy and I wanted to kind of create some good weight at the back so that everything is really nice and stable so if you look up here you can see that I just finished off the top gemstone with a simple wire loop so I'm gonna leave that loop nice and closed and I'm just going to attach all of my little loops to my strand reducer up here at the top so to do that we're just gonna need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and just go ahead and come on in here and give your little jump ring a gentle twist go ahead and slip it on to your gemstone chain there and you can also do this with other beaded chain another chain as well so now I'm gonna slip it onto one side of that strand reducer and go ahead and close that up now it's nice to do this with everything kind of laid out as I see as you can see here so that you know that everything is nice and even and ready to go to just sort of attach this strand reducer at the back so basically we're just gonna open and close some jump rings and we're just gonna attach them in order going along our little strand reducer now you can see that once you get these on to the strand reducer the jump rings don't look that large but it is a nice stable Aang piece there so we do want to make sure that they can handle the weight of those gemstones chains now if you're using a lighter chain you're also welcome to use a lighter gauge of jump rings but I like the nineteen gauge I think it's nice and it makes it a little bit of a focal - alright so I have those ones all set and ready to go in order so I'm just gonna simply repeat that on the other side here here we go and I love these gemstones in particular they have such a beautiful quality to them and the star cut they make them so organic that they're really nice and faceted so they really kind of glitter as you as you wear them so this is gonna be a wonderful piece which is why I really was excited to do the multi strand necklace with these this is gonna be great very statement very statement II all right so I split that one a little bit so I'm gonna use a freshie there we go all right now let me reset up everything because we want to make sure that we're facing the right way here let slip that on to the end absent I see what happened there my little loop is a little open so I think that's why my jump ring wasn't fitting on there so if this ever happens to you you can just sort of open that little loop again and just sort of close it back up just by pushing those two little things together there all right that's much better I'm glad I noticed that I would have lost part of my necklace that would not have been good extra little tip there for you all right and because these are thicker jump rings you're definitely gonna want a good pair of pliers to open and close these cuz as you can tell I'm really I'm using some hand strength here with these guys but they're gonna be what I need for this particular necklace to really to really stabilize all right on that last jump ring there okay so we have our multi strand necklace and you can see that everything is really nice and even I'm gonna pull this down actually just a little bit because I want to show you a little trick for finishing it off here now I'm just gonna go through and I just noticed one of my jump rings is a little bit open so now that I have it a little closer to me I can really see that there we go nice and close because I don't want to lose my gemstones alright so what we're gonna do up here at the top is I'm gonna just show you really quick how to add on a lobster clasp and again we're just gonna open one jump ring and I'm gonna slip one jump ring onto this side and this is where I'm going to slip on my lobster clasp and go ahead and close that up now if you didn't want to make this a adjustable necklace you can either add more jump rings here or you can add more jump rings on this side but what I'm going to do is I'm going to add one jump ring and I'm actually going to pick up one closed jump ring there oops slip that on and then I'm gonna open one more jump ring so these are all open jump rings I realized I may have misspoke there but I just didn't open that jump ring so it is still an open jump ring it just wasn't opened alright so then on this side I closed that last one so I have three on one side and one on the other and the reason I do that is so that when I go to attach my clasp you'll notice that the orientation of that lobster clasp is facing this way so let me just kind of close this so you see that it has a nice flush closure just like that but I was able you can do it on that first one there but to give myself a little extra space I added those two so I have three on one side and one on the other side so now that will a really nicely on the back of your neck and now you don't have to worry about anything getting it tangled with your multi strand necklace so very fun to do it that way and that is how easy it is to add a little strand reducer to the back of a multi strand necklace I hope you enjoyed this video you can see more videos by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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