How to Customize Bezel Clasps with Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos UV Resin

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Designer: Julie Bean
Bezel clasps allow you to customize your clasp to match your beading. In this video see how to use Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos UV Resin along with glitter and beads to create unique custom clasps.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and beet Work Projects and I'm going to show you two different ways one using seed beads and another using vintage glass glitter for this project I'm going to be using Lisa velka match gloss which is a UV one part resin and you're also going to then need a UV light for that which we also carry up util Halik or you could use sunlight if you happen to be in the sunny climate so we are going to fill these clasps with these ingredients using the resin but first we need to make sure that the clasps are level because resin is self-leveling so if we were to go ahead and fill this the way it is the resin would all go down towards the bottom it would just gravity would pull it down and it would not be a nice even layer so we're gonna remove the part of the clasp that is making it uneven so we'll lay flat on the table we're gonna do that for both of these we're also going to need a platform for each of them to transfer to the UV light so I just have a business card I'm going to do one for each you'll probably want a few pieces of scrap wire or a toothpick around and move around the resin if you need to and then you're going to need a pair of gloves and this UV light is actually quite bright so I'm going to keep it off for the majority of the video and then turn it on when I need to put the pieces into the light so let's begin I want to put my gloves on first so that they're ready to go let's do the round one with the glitter I'm gonna move everything else aside for a minute because this is my little sheet of paper that I'm gonna use to sprinkle the glitter on so I've centered that because we don't want to waste any of it so I'm just gonna undo the cap and put this aside it's not going to be curing this doesn't cure unless it hits UV light so I don't have to worry that this is open for a few minutes as I go ahead and spread my glitter and pinch the glitter and put it down into the vessel so I'm not filling the bezel with it but I am making sure that the base is covered no I'm just going to go ahead and squeeze some drops of the resin on top of the glitter and take one of my scrap pieces of wire and I'm going to just carefully spread it I don't want to spread it too much because I don't want to disturb that bottom layer it's gonna have a spread out on its own a bit as well I'm just pulling it to the edge now I want this to be heavily textured for the look that I'm going for so I'm going to go ahead and sprinkle some more on top of that now I didn't dome it because I didn't want to have to worry about the dome collapsing if I put something on top of it so I'm just going to sprinkle more on top and some of it is just going to settle down in and just sink but others will lay on top this would be great for like a New Year's project something that has a lot of like black and silver and glitzy okay so now ideally I would have put this on my little platform before I began but now I can just scoot it there okay I'm just gonna put that aside and actually I'm gonna take this whole platform and scoot it over because I don't want to mix my glitter with my seed beads so now I'm going to do the oval one and in this case I'm going to put down some of the UV resin first to use as an adhesive essentially for my seed beads here we go just sprinkle them inside I want a few more okay now I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit more on top I just want to seep in there so that it really not necessarily covers all the seed beads but that some part of every seed bead is touching the resin it's gonna work as a glue and it's gonna just seal it in there I might want to add another bead here and there again I should have put this on the platform first but luckily with this project we're not doming so we're not really having to worry as much about not moving our piece after we filled it but if you're doing it at home I would go ahead and just stick it on that business card or whatever you're using as a platform first yeah I had a mix here so I have a choice and I want to put some of the lighter color beads on top you'll notice everything does look a little bit darker when you put it in resin I'm happy with that now grab my platform I am just going to carefully scoot him on there as well now I'm gonna turn on my light and we are gonna place these into the UV light for 15 minutes now I'm gonna slide this off the table you're not gonna see it on camera because I want to keep it level at this point so just and it goes and I'll do the other one as well there we go so I'll let those be for 15 minutes I'll come back I'll pull them out and they're gonna be done it's been about 15 minutes I'm gonna turn off the light because it can be a little harsh on camera and I'm just gonna pull these out and I actually don't have to worry about them now because they are fully cured I can touch them I can work with them I can start to incorporate them into my project so I'm going to go ahead put the other half of the class back in so I don't lose it and then I'll show you what these guys look like so two different ways of using a bezel class both using a UV resin very easy to do and it's really nice that they do setup so quickly so if you are working on a project and you want to get it completed you don't have to wait the two to three days you'd have to wait it with a two-part resin it's a perfect application for the UV resin which cures in just about 15 minutes so you can find these clasps the glitter the beads the UV light everything you need at bead Halik you

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