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Hi there. Today i'm gonna teach you how to use foldover crimps. Foldover Crimps are used on the end of cord or ribbon and they come in many different finishes. They come in gunmetal, copper, antique brass, gold-plated, and silver plated. And today we're going to use it on the end of some uh... micro faux suede cord. I'm going to use a gun metal colored crimp. Now there's two ways you can do this. The first way is by using a pair of either chain nose pliers or these are duck bill pliers. And what you do is you insert your cord after your done stringing your necklace. Insert your cord into the crimp. And you very carefully begin to fold down one side of the crimp slowly and then you switch to the other side. And you squeeze it shut and it's very secure. So that's one way to do it. Or You can buy these and they're crimping pliers specifically made for foldover crimps. And we love them so I'm going to show you how to use those. First I'm going to cut this even. Once again insert your cord into the crimp and this time you're going to begin closing it just slightly using that non notched part of the plier slowly close in and both sides. When you get them even with each other, then you insert it into, I use the smaller one cause these are three millimeter crimps. And you slowly and tightly squeeze shut. And there you have it once again a very strong closure. If you want added strength and the guarantee that it will not come out you can also add in a little tiny dab of E6000 adhesive inside the crimp before you close it. And that's it that's how you use a foldover crimp. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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