How to Add a Beadslide Clasp to Loom Work

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to add an Elegant Elements Beadslide clasp to a piece of finished loom work. These clasps add a lovely finished professional look to your bead designs. They can also be used with bead woven pieces. If you want to learn how to get your loom work to the tied off stage, please see the video: How to Finish Off Traditional Loom Work and Add a Slider Clasp.
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Hi, this is Julie with and so I have one right here I want to show you what it looks like and then I'm going to show you how to attach it to some loom work but you could also use it for bead weaving or some other types of stringing techniques so if you look at this clasp you see that you've got two open channels with an actual cut through them and that's what you're going to slide over your beadwork and if you want to open this class there's a little tab right here you just push it down and you slide it so this is a really lovely clasp it's very well made as german-made and then get into my elegant elements and if you know that name you know they produce really nice high-quality professional looking jewelry components so there are a couple different styles I've left them in their packaging here so you see this real pretty swirl design here and you got nice smooth ones I particularly love this one hopefully you can see that as well and you will notice that they do come in different sizes all of the sizes are ten millimeters across the smallest one is 18 by 10 millimeters followed by 24 by 10 millimeters and finally 29 now I do want to quickly show you something else that you might already be familiar with at beadaholique is we do have these little slider clasps for loom worker bead weaving as well and these are by beadalon and I pulled a couple of them just so that you could know that we do have this option as well but now we've introduced this one which is a really lovely component as well and it feels great in your hand it's got really nice weight to it just very smooth very polished looking so here's my beadwork it is a loom pattern and it is 14 Toho size 11 o beads wide and that is what's going to fit in this medium size bead slide clasp when you do loom work now I've tied it off already and if you want to know how to get to this stage here where I've got all those knots and they've actually had a little bit of glue added to them please do watch our other video how to finish off traditional work and add a slider clasp and this is the clasp it's going to show you how to add and that's why I wanted to bring it into this video but it's going to be the same technique for this clasp as well so to begin you're going to trim your tails and you want to trim pretty close to the knot so we got that trim and you will notice that that extra thread does add some extra width to what's going to slide in this clasp and so that's what you're going to want to can take into consideration you're gonna want to be using beads that are probably about a millimeter or so across and not too much more than that you have an interior space here of about three millimeters but do a loud room for your knots if you're doing a loom work if you're not doing loom work you can definitely use a bead up to three millimeters so that's just a little design tip there for you I'm going to trim this side too cuz I'm going to show you how to do both sides even though it is the same exact technique I'll just show it to you twice okay so essentially what we're going to do is just slide this over our end row of loom work I'm going to separate out my clasp now really do make sure that you have this oriented properly so essentially this is gonna go like this we want this one here and this one here okay now I like to take one of the tabs and pre-close it to close it I'm just going to take it against my table and use a little bit of pressure and close it shut and that's going to keep your beadwork from sliding out I also like to add a little bit of glue to that interior well this is an e 6000 glue and I've just got a toothpick right here and I'm just going to carefully put just a DAB in here you don't need much because you're going to have these little tabs on the end to close it as well now you're going to position it so that it slides right over your end row of beads as well as your knot you see how it's just going between that second-to-last row and the very last row and we're just sliding it over and on the last one if you want you can use a toothpick or tweezer or something just kind of help it get down in there and then also pull from this side too so it's really a nice fit you're gonna want to make sure any loose threads are tucked down inside and then you can close this tab now I brought over a pair of chain nose because you can't close it with a pair of chain nose and just close it shut and there we have one side attached and you look how nice and clean and professional that looks now we're going to go to the other side I am oh is one of those what is the expression measure twice cut once I am definitely a measure twice cut once gal and so we're gonna do the exact same thing here so I want to end up closing this tab first again just a little bit of pressure insert a little bit of glue and now we're going to do the exact same thing over on this side now I am using toe hose you could have done this with delicas as well it's not so much about the type of bead as the size of the bead and also remember your knots so if you have like I said if you're doing like bead weaving where you might not have all these loom knots at the end then you can use it definitely a bigger bead as well but it does make a really nice clean look make sure that knot is down in there and now again we're just going to close this tab and I like the pressure method it's so easy to just push it on your table so there we go we have our finished piece of jewelry and that is what it looks like on there and I think it is a really nice complete look looks very streamlined very professional and again these are the elegant elements beachside clasps and they are available at you

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