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Hi, this is Kat with technique we're actually going to be combining the original rabbit loom and the wrestling professional series duo so you can see on my table here that I actually have three tracks now in the original rapat loom you'll get the 1 track the 2 feet and the end pieces and in this professional series you'll get two tracks to make that double wrap but I found a really fun thing where if you already have an original you can actually purchase the professional series and it's the same style track so you can actually put them together to make a triple wrap so that's what I'm going to be teaching you in this video here so let's go ahead and start by putting our loom together now all of the tracks have a male end and a female end so very simply and just take and you're just going to start combining so go ahead and slip it on there and get a nice little press and it doesn't need to be flush because you don't need to worry about your slider going over that but you can just kind of press it down there if you want alright and then I'm going to add one more track again so we have three tracks in total here give that a nice little squeeze alright and now I have three feet and get some my items out of the way here I'll go over what I'm going to be using for materials here in just a moment but I just want to go ahead and set up the loom alright so I'm going to put one of my feet kind of in the middle there just to give it some stability and then I'm going to put my other feet on the fourth little box there you can kind of place them wherever you like that's sort of the nice thing about this and I'm just going to do it on both sides there so now I have a really nice stable surface and you can just take your slider end and slide that onto one end and your other end here we're just going to press that down onto that other male side so it's that easy just to set it all up so now let me go over what we're going to be making and I have a little example here and this I wanted to create just to have that nice little triple wrap so it's a nice thin stranded you can make this a wider strand if you want you may need to adjust your materials just a little bit but go ahead and have fun and just play with that but what we're going to be using is we're going to be using a tierracast button here and I brought out this nice little square one and I have six Oh Union seed beads so those will be nice and big and bright for this you're going to need two parts of Griffin silk and I'm going to be using the size four and then I have the one point five millimeter leather cord and I have two yards here and I also have a pair of snips you can use scissors or flush cutters for this as well and I'm going to be using the GF hypo cement you could also use e6000 for this and it'll work just the same all right and the very last thing you'll need is a ruler to help you with your sizing so if you have all of your materials I'm going to go ahead and get started so the first thing is to take your Griffin silk off of the cards now you'll notice that it has a little wire needle so go ahead you take that off first and you'll kind of just take off the card there and then you take it off just give it a nice little tug you want to kind of stretch out some of those kinks and just the warmth of your hand and just let that nice little toggle do enough for you it'll still have some kinks but you'll be alright alright so I'm just going to repeat this with my second card here all right and then the next step here is we're going to take that leather cord and we like I said we have two yards so all we're going to do is just fold it in half and find the end bringing the ends together all right and now take your little button slide it on keeping those ends together again and now you're just going to slide it all the way in till you hit the midpoint of your letter just like so and very simply just take a overhand knot and wrap it around now if you haven't used the racket loom before we do have other videos that move a little bit slower I'm moving a little fast I know that just I want to get to the good part of how to set up your loom here real quick so but if you haven't used the rapid looms before we do have two other videos showing you how to use the regular rapid and me Revit series Pro all right having a little trouble with my knot there there we go you always got to pull the right cord all right so go ahead and get your knot nice and close to your button there so just one simple overhand knot is all you'll need and now I'm just going to kind of judge based on my previous wrap it here now the nice thing about this is that there's a lot of ways to adjust the size so I'm just going to kind of show you what I did here all right so I only did my two nuts on the end so what I'm going to do I'll show you exactly how long this goes let me go ahead and measure real quick so from naught to first knot 15 16 17 18 19 20 about 21 inches so that's what I'm going to shoot for here and I'm just going to use my little prototype here as a guide all right so now you just move to that position and you're going to make your overhand knot again all right now before you really tighten it you just want to make sure that both of those cords are nice and taut together and then you can can't give that a little extra well extra squeeze alright I made mine a little longer you can always go back and adjust it but I'll keep going so what you want to do now is you want to kind of Judge how big your buttons going to be because it's going to need to slip through a little space there so just move down and you're going to create another little overhand knot slip that through all right now this one you got to be careful of the placement because you don't want it to be too big otherwise your class won't sit correctly all right think that's probably pretty good actually and just double check it before I give it a 1 to tighten there we go that'll fit nicely all right let me just tighten that up now now if you want it to be more adjustable you can add further knots for the button to fit in various different positions but I'm going to go ahead and leave mine as is alright now we're going to finally get it into our loom here you know with my other one out of the way all right so this is a very long track but I'll kind of show you in stages here so you're going to want to put the first one and you can just give a little squeeze here flip your button in and it will close it nice and tight in there and then we're going to move all the way down to the other side here and you're going to place this in between the two knots and I'll show you a different angle here in just a second so you can really get a look at it alright so you can see that I have it in between my two knots just like so alright and what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to take my little slider back here and I'm just going to pull it until it kind of catches and gets nice and taut now if you need to I need to need to rotate my little cord there just because you want your cords to be nice and separated just like so alright so there we go I have some good tension on there so now I'm going to direct your attention and we're going to go all the way back up to the first half here and what we're going to do is we're going to take our two ends of Silke now for each piece of Griffin silk you're going to find the end without the cord or I'm sorry you're going to finally end of the cord without the needle on it because we're going to kind of tie those together here using a little surgeon's knot so these are my two ends without the needle and you can get pretty close to the ends but don't worry you'll have plenty left over so go ahead and go down and around and this is a very simple surgeon's knot so you'll just kind of tie what then is an overhand knot up top there so bringing those two ends together and now taking your two tail you'll just tie one simple overhand knot alright so now we should have a nice strong knot go ahead and give it a good little tug make sure it's not slippery or anything all right perfect so this is what you should have so now I'm going to place one side of the Griffin silk on one side and one side on the other side now go ahead and slide that knot right up to the top and it's going over the two pieces of leather cord so what we're going to do is we're going to go down and around with our right side of our Griffin silk and in the beginning it will feel a little tedious because you'll have a lot of that silk but just be patient and you're going to repeat that on the left side you should just go down and around with that side of the cord and now what you're going to do is you're just going to kind of scooch it out making sure that knot stays right in the center you might need to kind of adjust as we go here I need to kind of pull my tails out there we go alright so I want it to be right in the center there so now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to tie a simple overhand knot making sure to not get anything tangled and go ahead and pull that all the way down there we go so I have my nice little cluster of knots up there and don't worry about these tails we're going to click them at the end so if they're in your way just kind of keep moving about alright so now go down and around with the right hand side and down and around with the left-hand side alright and now we're ready to begin adding our beads making sure nothing mixed tingles all right so like I said we're going to be using our union seed beads let me go ahead and pour some bowls out onto my surface here and I'm using this really fun vitriol color so it'll give us a nice little pop of color so go ahead and string it on to the right hand needle and pull it across your surface here and then take your left hand needle and you're going to crisscross going back through the other direction and what's going to happen is this nice little bead is going to find a little home right in between our two pieces of leather cord just like so and you kind of go ahead and help them up they're getting to the top so that's it that's the whole process you just go down and around with one side and down and around with the other side and now all you're going to be doing is adding beads and Criss crossing now you can do this on the needle or you can kind of do it like I showed you earlier where you just take one side and go through at one time and eventually you won't have as much cord as when you get a little bit further along I know it seems like a lot that you're pulling through a bit unfortunately you can't do this with one cord so alright so there you go so again just to repeat the same process and I'm going to beat you down further on the other side to show you exactly how to finish this off and take it off your loom so I'll see you back there in just a few all right so I've added these two most of the length of my bracelet here but I just I stopped just shy about an inch or so from the end so hopefully you can see that and the reason I did that is because you can see that I've let this black off so if you're wanting to have your tension all you need to do is just kick this little back piece and you'll let the tension kind of relax and you'll want to do this for I would say overnight but Italy a couple of hours because you put a lot of tension on that leather cord so what you need to do is just kind of let it relax make sure that all your beads are nice and evenly spaced it will kind of stiffen up so you can sort of just run your fingers along here and just kind of adjust them and the reason I want you to stop just shy of the end is so that you can figure out exactly how many more beads you need to add because you may need to add two or you may need to add three but if you keep that tension the whole time you'll end up adding probably too many beads and then you'll have your work be a little crunched when you take it off the loom so I've let mine relax so I'm going to continue and so I'm just going to read adjust my tension so it's nice and tight there and now I'm probably going to add maybe just another two beads here so let me do that really quickly and then I'm going to show you how to finish this off and end it alright and once you start to get towards this end you'll probably need to use your needle to get your cord through you won't be able to really stick your fingers through there anymore but you can also see how much of that Griffin silk you have left over so if you didn't want to make this longer you can absolutely do so it's very very easy Oh ready I think maybe I can squeeze in one more actually so I'm going to do one more just to really tighten that up let me see here let me try to judge so I'm just using that same technique just going down and around and yeah I'm going to add one more bead I thought I wasn't going to want to but I think I do so we're just going to add the final bead right there now in our other videos we talked about sort of decreasing your work to get to that little notch there but in this one it's not a very wide piece so you don't have to do that with these you can just use just that one seed bead alright so now just fit chin up let me just kind of rotate the work so you can see it a little bit better so it's that same technique to finish it off you just go down and through and you're just getting your needle down in there all right so I've just gone down and through once so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to take my two cords here and just tie a simple overhand knot just one and then I'm going to take and go through and do that whole process again without adding another bead and you can see that it gets really tight in here so I'm just trying to make sure I get my needle in there there we go and repeat with the other side now you can sort of add as many knots as you want to make it secure if you feel that it's slippery that is entirely up to you so I'm going to do one overhand knot and this one I'm actually going to double knot so give it a nice little tug and go ahead and double mat it one more time alright now I'm going to take my hypo cement here and I'm just going to use the little cards from my Griffin silk is a little stand I don't want to get that onto my work surface here and I had a little glue dry on there so this will happen to your hypo cement I'm not too worried about it let me just get that out there so I apologize this won't be SuperDuper claimed you can see there's a needle in there and I'm just going to kind of dab it on to that little knot there and I'm actually going to use one of my little cards here just to kind of clean up that glue so it's not too stiff in there there we go and I'm just going to rotate and bring up my other side here and just kind of repeat that process at the very top all right now like I said you can use all different other kinds of glue for this for this I am using the hypo cement and I'm going to need to clean up my glue piece later here to make sure that doesn't happen again I just that's been sometimes happen with your hypo cement if it's not properly sealed and mine was not so have to fix that later all right normally I would let this dry as is for probably about 24 hours before wearing but I'm going to go ahead and move on just really quickly so I can show you how it finishes up so I'm just going to trim off my Griffin silk here from both sides and again you can see how much of that Griffin silk I have left over if you wanted to make it a little bit longer trim off and as well there we go alright so now you can just kind of open your little teeth there and slide it out and the same on the other side there we go now let me get that Hegel's leave out my wife see now the last step here is to just judge your size so you can see that you have all of this extra cord remember how at the beginning of the video I was telling you you could always make an extra knot or an extra knot if you needed it to be a little bit longer so at this stage before you finally cut this wrap it around your wrist or your mandrel whatever you're working with and make sure that it is the size that you want all right now I'm just going to wrap around my wrist alright and that's just about perfect so I like that so I'm going to go ahead and finish this up by leaving about an inch or so and cutting at an angle I'm just going to cut off those two pieces of that leather cord so you can see how much you really have extra to work with so that is it that's how do you make a triple strand bracelet and now if you're making something a little bit wider please be advised that you might need to adjust your materials just a little bit but it's a really fun little technique and it produces a really great results I think I'll probably be making some more of these using some metal beads or some other kind of metallic beads and I think the little tierracast buttons are perfect for such a thin bracelet so there you have it that is how to make the triple wrap bracelet using the rapid loom so by combining your at loom and your rabbit loom Pro you can create triple wrap bracelets I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see more videos please hit the subscribe button below you

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