How to Create a Scalloped Evil Eye Design on the Wrapit Loom

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn how to make a scalloped, wavy silhouette on the Wrapit Loom by adjusting the number and type of beads you weave in each row. You'll also see how a palette of blue, white and gold Miyuki Delicas creates a sparkling evil eye pattern using this technique.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with PETA Holly can din this video I'm going to show you how to create a scalloped evil eye design using the rapid loom this is a nice wavy pattern you can do on the rapid loom as you can see in the beginning here it starts narrow and then it widens around a central focal bead and in this particular bracelet I used a - part polka bead which is a Czech glass bead and then it gets narrow again and it just creates this nice undulating pattern that with a pink palette it looks like a floral design but with a palette of Blues like I have here it will look like an evil eye design so I'm excited to show you how to do that so I already have my rapid link professional series duo setup here so I have two tracks because I'm going to make a bracelet that goes around my wrist twice and we have another video showing you exactly how to set up your rapid loom so I'll just quickly review that I have my leather cord knotted with a button on the end and I have my Griffin silk thread knotted at the beginning of the leather cord and I'm about ready to start adding my beads now so the first thing I'm going to do is take one of my lengths of Griffin silk and wrap it under and up through the middle of my two leather cords here and I'll just pull that out and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side so I'll take the needle end of my Griffin silk and just under and out through the middle of the leather cord and now I'm ready to start adding beads so the first bead that I'm going to add here is a single gold Miyuki Delica and I'm using size 11 o delicas here so as you usually do with the rapid loom I'm going to put the bead on the needle of my first thread and cross that thread over the loom and I'm going to take the needle of my second Griffin silk thread and cross it through that little bead and pull that to the other side getting a little bit tangled on my bracelet let us move it make sure not to get your Griffin silk tangled up so now I'm just going to pull that bead down into the center of my leather cord here and to create the wavy pattern you're just going to add increasing numbers of delicas with each row that you weave now I'm going to wrap my threads around the leather cord to get ready for the second row of beads just like we did in the beginning and I'll do that on both sides just wrap up through the bottom and out through the center of your leather cord alright now we're ready for the second row of beads so to get the scallops wavy look in this bracelet you do that by adding additional beads in each successive row so for Row two I'm going to add two ivory white beads and this will create the white of the eye I'm going to string those beads on one thread and then again cross my needle through the bead and pull that second thread to the other side I'll just pull that tight and those bees will sit in Baloo now for Row three again wrap your threads around your leather cord and you'll do that on each side of the bracelet up and out and now again to keep building that scalloped pattern I'm going to add three beads in Row three so I'm going to add these pretty light blue beads so slide those down the needle of your first thread cross your second needle and pull and as you can see the loom is getting wider with each row and you can just scoot those those roads up so the beads sit nice and tight together now I'm going to wrap again and now I'm ready for four beads in my fourth row and here I'm going to use a darker blue this is a really pretty deep silver lined blue Yuki has so many fantastic colors in there delicas crossing my needle now through all four of those beads and I'm going to pull that tight just scooting those beads up so they sit nice and flush against the previous row alright another wrap and now we are going to create the widest point of each unit of the scalped bracelet so I'm going to add one dark blue delica and one three millimeter Swarovski crystal round bead and jet black I'll create the pupil of the eye and then one more dark blue delica across my needle through all three of these beads and as you can see with this three millimeter round bead it's a little bit wider in this roof you'll have just a little bit more space on other side of this row but that was the widest point so for the rest of this unit you're going to be decreasing to get narrower again and finish off got eyeshape so I'm doing my wraps on both sides I'm just going to reverse the pattern that I just did leading up to that Center row so now I'm going to do four dark blue and Yukie delicas watch out for a difference for getting tangled and then scoop that row up so it hugs the center row with the crystal and pull nice and tight wrap again first on the right side then on the left side and now continuing the reversal of the pattern I'm going to do three light blue miyuki delicas all those that I fit nice and snug so you can see that now the leather is kind of pulling inward again and tapering off and getting more narrow as it hugs these decreasing rows of beads doing my wraps on both sides and now we're going to do another row of two ivory beads you and then they go another rap so now we're back at the beginning of the pattern so I'm just going to do one bright gold bead and I'm using Griffin silk size 2 which is that very thin size that works really well with these new key delicas so get that gold bead nice and close to the previous row and pull and that really cinches off this unit so now we have a hole I patterned starting with this tapered tip moving outward and coming back in so when you begin this pattern again start again with another row of one single gold bead I found that it's good to have two rows of one bead in a row to really give the leather a chance to register that nice tapered look between the units of eyes so as you can see this is what the full bracelet will look like I'll just unbutton it so you can see the full length so it's very wavy very feminine shape and as you can see if you keep going that it will have this nice pattern of repeating units that creates a really nice undulating pattern so that is how to create a scalloped evil eye design using the rabbit loom you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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