How to Add Additional Thread to a Bracelet on the Wrapit Loom

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will learn how to add new Griffin Silk thread in the middle of a wrapped bracelet project on the Wrapit Loom. This is helpful when you're making an extra long bracelet and need more than one card of silk thread to weave in all of your beads!
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel if beadaholique and in this video I want to show you how to add extra Griffin silk thread to a long wrapped bracelet so I'm working on a long wrapped bracelet on the rapid loom this is going to be an extra long bracelet because I'm using the two tracks that come with the rapid loom professional series duo and I also have this third track attached here from the original rapid loom so it's a fun fact that if you have the original rapid loom you can actually add that track onto the two tracks of the professional series and make super long wrapped bracelets that go around your wrist multiple times so this one will actually be a quadruple wrap Reysol on me which is pretty fun now the one thing when you're making very long wrapped bracelets and especially when you're using tiny beads like here I'm using some Yuuki delicas that involve lots of wraps around the two leather cords so when you do that you're going to have to add extra Griffin silk thread to keep doing those wraps and you'll have to do that that on both sides because when you use the rapid loom you attach two cords of Griffin silk thread one for each side and so you'll have to add thread on both sides of your bracelet now I've already gone ahead and done one side here I've added an extra thread over here and I just have my short thread here that I'm going to have to lengthen to keep working on this bracelet so the original cords of Griffin's field got me about halfway through this bracelet because I have so many wraps on these tiny delicas so I'm going to show you how I did that so to do this you will need some extra Griffin silk cord you'll need two cards and since I already added one of my threads I just have one card here you'll need a sharpie you'll need some GF hypo cement glue and some scissors or thread snips or your favorite thread cutting implement so let's get started so just to review I'm going to add a bead the normal way before I put on the new thread so I'm going to take one of my Griffin silk threads and pull it up out over the leather cord on one side I'm going to take my other thread pull it up and over the leather cord on the other side I'm going to take a bead on using four millimeter czech fire polish beads we're going to string it on one cord and pull that cord across I go to the other side of the loom and then take the needle of my other silk thread and cross it through the bead and pull and now I'm just going to pull that tight on the loom and slide it up and that's how to add a bead and now so I want to add new thread over here and that's going to involve creating a knot and I want that knot to be hidden inside one of these czech glass beads because it doesn't look as nice to have the knot on the outside on one of your wraps red leather cord so what I'm going to do is wrap this thread around the leather as if I would have to add another bead and I'm going to gauge where the next bead is going to be going to be about there I'm going to take a sharpie and just lightly mark where that next bead is going to go and if you're using black Griffin silk you would use a silver marker or something that shows up on black thread so now I'm going to take this thread off of the leather now I'm going to take my new length of Griffin silk I've already gone ahead and taken it off the card I'm going to take my old thread here and find where I marked it with the sharpie and at that point I'm going to make a half-hitch knot and on top of it I'm going to make another half hitch knot I'm just going to pull that tight and make sure it's right on the place where you marked so that this knot is hidden inside of your bead so after you pull that tight take your hypo cement glue when's leaking a little bit and just put a few dabs of glue right on that knot and then you want to let that dry for about five minutes and I'll come back and finish now that the glue is dry I'm going to proceed and add the next bead so like usual I'm going to take my now tied double cord the old cord in the new cord of Griffin silk and wrap it around the leather cord on the outside I'm going to do the same on the other side take my cord and wrap it around the leather and get ready to add a new bead so now I'm going to take my bead I'm going to take the needle end of my new length of Griffin silk that I just tied on and I'm going to string the bead onto the needle and I'm also going to take the needle of my old thread on this side and also string that through the bead so now this new bead is strung on two lengths of Griffin silk the new one that was just tied on and the original thread on this side and I'm going to slide this bead down almost to the knot not quite on the knot because I want to have room inside that bead hole to cross my Griffin silk on the other side so I'm going to go ahead and do that now I'm just going to push that needle through the bead and pull that thread to the other side now I'm going to tighten just like usual and I'm going to pull the beads so that the knot is right inside that bead and tighten the other side and now this bead is in place in the Loom work and I just have my thread tails to deal with so I'm going to take scissors or if you want to get in with something finer you can do bead snips and I'm just going to I have one thread tail on each side of the bead so I'm just going to get in with the scissors and cut those thread tails off from the old length of Griffin silk make sure not to cut off your new thread and that would defeat the purpose and if there's any marker that you got on your old piece of Griffin silk here that is outside of the bead you're just going to cut that off and you get rid of this thread tail so there you have it now this bead is in place and it's hiding the knot of the new length of Griffin silk and I have plenty of room to keep on wrapping this extra long wrap bracelet you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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