Show & Tell: Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Chain and Findings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn all about the recent additions to Beadaholique's extensive selection of sterling silver and gold filled chain and findings. These delicate chains and interesting clasps and other findings are perfect for turning your jewelry making ideas into finished designs that you can enjoy for years to come. All of these fine quality supplies are available for sale at In the video you will also see how to very quickly and easily make a delicate gold filled bracelet with a magnetic clasp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with a Polock so we have a whole bunch of new chains that we've introduced and you see they vary quite a bit in their thickness so we've got really petite fine little cable chains larger ones multiple sizes of Rolo Rolo is something that the designers here at beat Holly coos all the time it's such a great versatile chain we even got this little petite one that I've used in a project I'm going to show you just in a moment a figure-eight chain just so many different pretty styles and a lot of these you can buy by the inch so that's really handy especially if you're making a bracelet they only need six or seven inches or a pair of earrings is super convenient so a lot of different chains really just a lot of uses for these guys and those are the sterling ones now these are the gold filled over here and again you're gonna have really wonderful varieties see how this one just sparkles and of course different thicknesses different weights depending upon what project you're doing so a bunch of really pretty pretty chains now in addition to the chains we've got some findings to go with them and then I'm going to show you how to make a quick bracelet too because I always like to show you how to make something in one of these videos so we've got a whole bunch of new head pins now these are ball head pins and they are in the sterling silver and the gold filled and what's nice about them was I think you can actually see it pretty clearly here we have really thin ones so a very fine gauge and then we also have thicker ones and we have different sizes of balls as well so let's take this sterling ball and compare it to this one and you see there's quite a size difference so really whatever fits your design needs we also have some great new seamless beads you know this is a 2.5 millimeter seamless gold filled bead here we have a two point five millimeter sterling and now a two millimeter little gold one that guy is so cute and petite a couple of other little guys that we've added this here is a little Cuba bead that you can stamp which is nice one of my favorite things I'm going to be using the Goldfield version in Justin this little four millimeter magnetic clasp so if you're doing a project that's really nice very easy to get on and off we have a little adjustable slider clasp right here and before I go any further I want to show you how you can use that in a project and we do have other videos on showing you how to make an adjustable slider bracelet just like the one you see here but what you can do is you can feed the chain through it going in opposite directions and then you can pull it to make it larger to slip over your wrist and then you've got these great little dangles right here that you just pull to tighten so that is really a nice adjustable bracelet using that adjustable slider clasp and everything you see here are components from these recent additions so I've got the slider clasp I've actually on these little dangles right here use the seamless beads and I use these little petite head pins with the balls and this great little charm I could have also used this pretty little wing as well that would have been another good option and then continuing on would you have some other great finding so an adjustable necklace chain great handy little thing especially if you're giving gifts or selling your jewelry that's always nice and then an assortment of new clasp this is a really pretty figure 8 1 in sterling silver and then I do want to draw your attention to these guys they're a little bit different than what you might be used to so they are a lobster but you'll notice that they've actually got to like to what looks like spring is on them and you can pull either of em so you could push this one here to open it or you could pull this one so that's kind of neat as a different look too so those are some of the recent additions to the already pretty extensive collection of sterling silver and gold filled items at beadaholique and like I mentioned I do want to show you how to make something too so I've pulled out this oval cable chain and this is one of those ones that you can buy by the inch which is great so I have 7 inches right here here is the gold filled version of that 4 millimeter magnetic clasp and we got these little petite 3 millimeter gold filled jump rings and then I pulled this little turtle charm because I like him think he's a fun little charm so I'm gonna pull over a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and I am going to take the Chuck that comes with the little turtle off and that is actually a closed jump ring so that is actually very nice and handy but I don't need it so I am gonna cut it away and then I am going to find my midway point right there and I'm gonna take one of my new jump rings it's a little smaller I love three millimeter jump rings it can't be a little tricky to grab on to sometimes but they really do lend to the delicate look of the design just slip that onto my turtle just slip that also onto on the mid chain link that links close it on it and then I'm gonna separate out my clasp I've got the two halves I'm putting them away from each other because he'd too like to go back together it was fun setting up this table because the magnetic clasps kept being attracted to each other so I had to have a lot of opposite ends it's gonna open that up find that end link and one half of my clasp you can hear it there just clicked and stayed with my plier those it on it and I'm gonna do the same on the other side so if you aren't making delicate jewelry I do highly recommend these little three millimeter jump rings you don't find a lot of jump rings in the three millimeter size so it's really nice when you do come across them and I'll close this up we have we have a finished bracelet and all I took maybe 90 seconds two minutes max to make this little guy he'd be a great little gift same with this guy he was really quick and easy too and these are both really delicate pieces of jewelry and they are using these wonderful fine high quality materials so I hope you enjoyed this overview if you are interested in sterling silver and gold filled items please definitely swing by check out our selection we really do have hundreds of items and they are all just very inspiring to work with and we've tried to create a bunch of projects too to give you a jumping-off spot if you are looking for a little inspiration

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