Show & Tell: Czech Glass Flat Teardrop Beads Dagger Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the beautiful variety of Czech Glass Flat Teardrop Beads and Czech Glass Dagger Beads. These are wonderful beads to incorporate into your strung and bead woven designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with but I just want to kind of pull out a few different finishes that might be new or kind of interesting to you so I'm actually going to start by talking about the flat teardrops and I want to start by showing you a project that I created now the great thing about these is that oftentimes people think that you can only do bead weaving but don't just regard stringing so this is just a very simple strung project just to create a really nice little scalloped look with all of these beautiful flat teardrops so you can see that they kind of have this cool almost etched they kind of look like almost maybe a shell or something that you would pull out of the earth so very cool and you can see that really well in these three strands here so you can kind of have that little crackle look which is kind of neat and then we have the metallics up here as well so you can kind of incorporate those in let's say you wanted to use the silver or the gold with the silver or kind of goldtone crackle here so kind of cool that you can sort of mix and match the different styles so some of the other colors we have we have three of these sort of luster colors and these are really pretty they do have that kind of soft glow to them they're not a matte finish they're kind of a luster so they're not super shiny but they do have that sort of again kind of just soft glow to them so you can just kind of see it as I'm moving in on the table so we have a beautiful purple a lovely blue and this really nice sort of chalk white which is going to just be a really nice sort of pearly neutral for you and then we have a jet here so we have jet and then jet a B so this is going to be that kind of blue color here so again just really really shiny and then speaking of true mattes we have a few matte finishes here so this is that matte black and I just wanted to point it out to show you next to the sort of full-on jet or the black there so it's going to be a little bit more subdued it's almost gonna look kind of like a slate gray like a really really dark slate which can be very cool so we can also have these little skulls here so you can get the big skulls or the skull on the crossbones very fun very excited to use that in some lovely Halloween projects and then here are some kind of cool ones so we have the fairy wings and I'm going to show you show you that in a minute in the laser etched in the dagger shape but now we have them in the teardrop shape so this is actually really cool they look like just little fairy wings and then this actually kind of reminds me of this little crackle here kind of reminds me of a really cool sort of space-age giraffe so very very fun so you can actually see these when they are separated from the Strand now the teardrops are nine millimeters by 11 millimeters so nine across there at the bottom and then 11 top to bottom and they have a hole that is side drilled into the top there so they're gonna kind of act like little briolettes so they are flat teardrops from czech glass alright so now let's talk about the dagger B it's now the daggers are a little bit bigger they are 5 by 16 so these are gonna be a little bit longer so I'm gonna show you the project in just a moment but I want to start going over some of the colors here now this is actually really cool so I'm going to show you one of these in my hand here so you can see that these are considered backlit so the back that you're seeing there is that silver so if you kind of flip it over and flip it around and turn it you're getting that nice color on the front side so it is sort of that glow effect so we have a couple of different colors there for you to choose from and they all have that silver and then we do have the full silver here that's gonna allow you to sort of utilize the full back and front silver if you did want to mix it in with some of those back lids so you wouldn't have to turn these ones around or you could as well just an option for you so we do have that full silver if you're interested in that so yeah so just to kind of go over some of these colors we have some beautiful bronze we have that jet with that kind of a B finish on it as well gold and that sort of crackle and then this is really interesting this is one of my favorites I really like this one it just sort of flashes and it's got so many different colors so then we have again just sort of a little bit of a darker gray there as well and then this beautiful kind of rosy gold copper speaking of those laser-etched so this is an older project of ours and this actually I did this in a video for you but if you're interested in these laser-etched ones this is similar to the little teardrops that I was showing you earlier so it's that same little laser etched pattern in the teardrop so we have it in the dagger there as well but we also have some other little kind of finishes now this is a little bit of a softer kind of laser edge so it's a little bit more purpley you can actually see that it's got a nice little sort of blue flesh - its kind of got again that little that little a B to it so we have that one and then we also have this cool yellow one so I think you could use this first and maybe some fun bumblebees stuff and then we have the eye the peacock here so that isn't a beautiful soft purple a beautiful kind of tanzanite shade and then we also have the feather like style here as well so again this is just a small selection of the teardrops and the laser etched daggers that we carry over at and be sure to check out our inspiration projects and all of our other videos showing you how to use these great beads so I hope you enjoyed this video if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below and again you can find all of this by heading over to

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