Show & Tell: Nunn Design Summer Collection 2018

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the Nunn Design Summer Collection 2018. This collection features antiqued gold, silver and copper plated geometric pieces. Organic round bee and arrow charms and buttons coordinate beautifully with other Nunn Design Elements.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and this is a beautiful collection and it is through and through Nunn design so let me start off by showing you some of these beautiful geometric shapes that we have here at the top so we have this lovely Marrakesh stamping blank here and this is a beautiful antique finish and it is just a beautiful beautiful silver plate and it's almost kind of got a little bit of a matte finish to it we also have the antique copper plate as well and the antique gold plate so those are the three platings that you'll see most often for Nunn design and that's what this collection is really about those nice soft but very sharp geometric shapes so we had these little Halfmoon shapes up here and what I love is you can actually kind of connect them together to create like little orbs or little circles you can have a lot of fun sort of mixing those little metals together and making some really fun fun shapes we're seeing lots of geometric things happening this summer so this is a perfect time to get in on some pieces like this so we have a long inverted triangle with a nice little hole at the top and then we also have this beautiful crescent shape here and that has two holes that four connectors and you can sort of see these in action here with this beautiful necklace here it's got some lovely vintage patina and it's one of those nice long necklaces that's gonna just really drop down and elongate that style alright so for something a little different we have some charms and buttons now we have the crossed arrows again in those three beautiful finishes so we have the buttons over here in the same style and they have a nice little soldered shank on the back so this is gonna be great to use for some of those rapat bracelets where you can utilize one of those lovely little shank buttons and we have the little bees as well and you can see this guy in action here he is on a beautiful crocheted piece and just it gives a nice little weight to it now these are actually nice thick pieces so they have an organic feel to them but they're actually you know really three-dimensional there so you're getting a nice weight to it so very very lovely so that is it that is the summer collection for Nunn design we're so proud to bring it in here at beadaholique even more tips and tricks for using Nunn design by heading over to

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