Show & Tell: Matte and Star Cut Round Gemstones from Dakota Stones

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the variety of matte round gemstones and star cut round gemstones from Dakota Stones. The matte finish offers a soft glow to each gemstone color while the star cut brings a nugget like cut to your designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with so Matt round and star cut beads now this is actually a really cool collection so I'm gonna actually start by talking about the Matt beads so these are gemstone beads here and they come an 8 inch strands which is really nice so that makes it really great and affordable to use in your designs but I just love the matte finish and you can really see it especially in some of the darker colors here you're getting that sort of brushed kind of a look to it so it's really great it kind of creates a little soft glow and you can really really see it in this one here so this is a beautiful stone here so I just kind of want to turn it around in my hands like couple times just you can see that nice beautiful matte finish to it so like I said it kind of looks like it's just sort of been brushed which is just really quite quite beautiful alright so speaking of some of the matte we do have some multi strands now these are obviously longer strands these are about 16 16 and a half inches and we do have the two rounds here so let me just kind of pull these out so we have the two rounds we have an 8 and a 6 and these are going to be the that matte finish as well and the mixed stones are really great to kind of purchase and then you can utilize in your design so let's say you just want a pop of color or you want to find two that are the same you know for a pair of earrings or something you can do that with these beautiful mixed strands so this is a six and an eight here and these are both matte and then we also have a four six and an eight in these really nice sort of faceted style now these are not the star cut these are just round facets but again you can just kind of see next to the matte that has a little bit of a different glow and I'm just kind of just rotating it in my hands just so you can kind of see the little difference there in that finish all right so now let's start talking about the star cut so you're probably wondering what is a star cut so I pulled out a couple of beads here and what it really is is its little facets here but it kind of looks like one of those like 20 sided die where you know you're having those nice little star cuts so each little cut almost looks like a little triangle cut so it's a bigger facet than those faceted ones so you're gonna get a lot happening here now speaking of the star cut I have like I said you can just sort of see the example here I want to draw your attention up here to see the varieties because you can see that we have some that are nice and shiny they have those nice beautiful facets to them and then some that are matte so this purple and this rose gold this amethyst and rose gold here these are gonna have that sort of matte finish to them and this is an example of use here but again I just want to point out that if you're kind of gonna get a gemstone you just want to use one or two a great way to do it is to use one of these multicolored strands so I'm just gonna pull this one out this is just so beautiful and I love the color variation in this one so let me just kind of show you you know so if you wanted to and let's say you wanted to use the Reds or the blues or the greens or two Pink's or Purple's you can do that here and you're gonna be able to use multiple different colors from multiple different designs so it's just something to consider so if you really like the cut maybe try getting one of the multi-strands ones and then just sort of seeing where your designs take you so again these are nice sixteen and a half inch long strands there and just beautiful I love the smoky quartz that we have a tiger's eye here which actually looks really wonderful in that star cut you know you're really getting a chance to see that stone at its fullest and then we have some beautiful labradorite and a-maz night there as well so just some other stones and of course you can get all of the details and everything in all the sizes these are all eight millimeters but you can check that out by heading over to but I just want to show you a couple of designs that we've come up with here so you've seen our tassel earrings that we have here using those star cut on top and this is how the star cut looks in that crazy pink lace agate and it's just really beautiful and I love that our designer paired it with some wood beads here just to lighten it up because gemstones are gonna be a little heavy your tassel is gonna be a little heavy but then we added some of those would be its back here just to kind of lighten up the design but again and feel free to utilize a lot of these different components and I love the little silver embellishments there as well so a great little design now this one again she uses the wood beads here and we have those nice little gemstones there and now these the matte finish and again we brought in a little bit of that silver just to kind of anchor it down there at the bottom alright so that is the star cut and matte finish gemstone beads from Dakota stones I hope you enjoyed this video you can shop all of these beads and get fun tutorial inspirations by heading over to

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