Show & Tell: Matubo Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see up close Czech Glass Matubo Beads. These beads feature a more uniform and precise shape then other Czech Glass seed beads and have a larger hole compared to side wall ratio allowing multiple thread passes. This video showcases the lovely color range and it also compares the Matubo beads to Czech Glass beads and Toho beads.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have another show-and-tell video This one features czech glass Matubo beads. You've probably seen these in different beading magazines I wanted to show you them up close and in person. These here are a selection of Matubo beads some other colors are available I have some here that have been strung onto some memory wire so this is the most basic of application but you can see that they would be great for stringing projects as well as bead weaving and because they do have a really nice large holes and that's what really distinguishes them a Matubo bead I'll pick one up here that's an easy color to identify you see that it has a larger hole in relation to its side walls and that's gonna make it easier to make multiple passes through in bead weaving or if you want to do stringing projects what it it's going to make it a lot easier too. You might even consider putting these on a small knotting cord as well, that would be a good application I also pulled a 8/0 Toho round beads. You can see the comparison and this is considered a size 7/0 Matubo and then I have a size 6/0 Toho as well. You can see it's just slightly smaller than the 6/0 and then quite a bit bigger looking than the 8/0. So I want to take a close look here at the shape of the bead you'll see that the Matubo is a little bit more but barrel shape not quite as a rounded as a traditional seed bead and also that larger hole in relation to its side wall. You'll see this is a little bit more of a rounded shape. It's thicker walled, this a little thinner walled. That's really what's going to distinguish them so I also wanna show you the Matubos compared to other czech glass beads to show you them compared to the Tohos because I think a lot of people will be using them with Tohos and also comparing them to them but I want to compare them with czech glass. So here are some size 6/0 Czech glass beads, one thing you'll notice about them is they are a bit irregular, if you've ever strung them you'll see that some are quite thin, some are thicker, they're sometimes a little bit bloopy It adds to the charm of the Czech glass beads because it gives it kind of an bohemian look or an older world look but sometimes you don't want that and here are the czech glass Matubos and you can see in comparison that they're quite a bit more uniform and regular in shape they're all gonna be about the same size and shape and width and then you'll also again really can notice their hole size here where it's quite a larger hole compared to the sidewall it's a bit more of an barrel shape and than I did just go ahead and pulled an 8/0 as well in the Czech glass beads. So you can again see the size comparison. So we're going we're going 8/0 7/0 and 6/0 now that's what that's gonna look like and again these are a different type of bead then these regular czech glass ones. These are the Matubos. They are a special line I did just want to give you a quick comparison to other Czech glass beads as well. So I do want to show you some of the colors available here you can see it's a really wide pretty color collection this one here is called senegal brown violet A lot of these you'll be able to identify on our website but I wanna point out a couple of the really unique finishes this is called a magic finish. This is something I haven't come across before This a magic blue pink over here I have a magic orange grey and if I go down here I have a magic red-brown and a magic violet green. It's a really pretty very different finish. I'll go back along here lovely blue shade, this here's another unique finish that I haven't really seen before this is a choc dark Travertin. So pretty then you can see wide variety of finishes that are available in the Matubo range and consider them for spacers consider them for stringing projects, knotting projects and of course also bead weaving where you're gonna be able to make those multiple passes through They are sizes 7/0 and they're Czech glass bead and you can find them on Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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