Show & Tell: Dazzle It! Resin Sugar Stones

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Designer: Julie Bean
This show and tell video showcases the amazingly sparkly Dazzle It! Resin Sugar Stones. These look like a glittery confection, a cross between a druzy and a glittered cabochon, they will add instant drama to any design. They are technically sew-on stones but their holes are so discreet that they really don't show much from the top side - making them perfect to glue in place.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with I have a really fun show and tell today These are Dazzle-It resin sew on sugar stones and they are very sparkly. I just wanna show you them on-camera so you can see how they catch the light and reflect it. It just sparkles extremely lightweight because they are resin and on the backside they have a couple little holes and that's because they are sew on where you could stitch them in place those holes also though do make it so you could put a very skinny jump ring through it because you can use them as just glue on I have a couple project examples. I have couple rings here that were made by Karlin you can see all she did was she glued them right onto the flat pad of the ring finding using E6000 and then she has a perfectly wonderful sparkly fashionable ring that was done in just no time at all and Megan also made an earring and used an Aanraku bail again, just a glue on an earring finding, super quick and easy to do and what's nice is even though these are sew on you really don't see their holes. You can see them on the backside but from the front the holes really aren't very noticeable. So these are great to do. You can do these with bead embroidery, if you do wanna sew them on you can do them as little drops and links. You can do the glue on of course All different projects you can use these with. I will tell you the sizes real quick so these here are little ovals and they're gonna be 25 millimeters by 18 millimeters. They've got two sizes of the round you have a 22 millimeter and you have a 18 millimeter again those are great basic sizes that will fit well in bezel settings, the squares are 25 millimeter square so almost an inch and then the drops are gonna be 25 by 18. Again they're really good standard sizes you'll be able to put in the standard various bezel settings you see they come in a variety colors, they sparkle wonderfully and they're called Dazzle-It Resin Sew-on Sugar Stones Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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