How to Fasten Stringing Material to Wood Buckle Clasps

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Designer: Julie Bean
These great multri-strand clasps are easy to use and add a scale and drama to your designs. The carved wood buckle style is great for both bracelets and belts. In terms of stringing material, you can use beading wire and crimp beads as well as stretch cord and seed beads. Both options work well and give you a nice wide multi-strand bracelet.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and it has this really nice chunky looking you're able to do a nice multi strand rather thick bracelet with them this is a walk in the forest bracelet by one of our designers megan and she used this wood clasp and it really conveys a very nice earthy look to it and you'll notice that it has five holes drilled on each side which allows you to do a five strand bracelet and actually the holes are wide enough you could fit multiple strands of beading wire or stretch cord through those holes and make it a bracelet with even more strands you can even do ten or fifteen if you wanted to and if your beads would allow so this is what it looks like finished and you can see she's attached all the beading wire and has it finished off and secured on the other side of the clasp so that the front side is really nice and polished so here is a clasp just how it will arrive you got two pieces to it each with five holes and they are drilled to the opposite side with this nice well right here and there's two really easy ways of finishing this first is gonna be using beading wire and crimp beads so I picked up some soft flex green beading wire I just wanted it to show up really well on camera here so I'm just going to cut it with my flush cutters and I'm going to string it through one of the holes and then I'm going to take a crimp tube do use a tube or a bead I just really prefer crimp tubes in general I'm going to take that same wire that's been put through a hole and put it through my crimp tube so I make a loop and pull and now what I'm going to do is instead of using crimping pliers I'm just going to use a chain nose plier and I am just going to smoosh that crimp bead like so and that is nice and secure and then I can just trim my wire and you'll see that crimp bead which has been flattened is going to prevent the wire from pulling through and then you can just go ahead string your beads as normal and do that to the other side as well you might be asking why am I using just a chain nose pie or not a crimping plier that's because when you get to the other side which you'll see that Megan did here and you've got all your beads on here you're not gonna have as much leeway like I did where I was able to pull this out of the clasp and secure it you're going to be working within this well and it's just a lot easier to just be able to smoosh it like this tight up there versus using a crimping plier it's too hard to get the crimping plier in there and then still have your beads be nice and tight and not too loose so that is one way of securing a stringing material to this clasp and I'm going to show you the second way the second way is going to be with some stretch cord I have opal on right here you could also use stretch magic but I really like opal on best so I'm going to take a length of my opal on cut it I'm going to string it through one of the holes and now I'm going to take a seed bead and this is an 11 o toho and these are just some beads I had around no need to purchase other specific beads for this project just use whatever you've got just make sure that whatever stretch material that you're using will fit into your beads you might have to go up to like a ten o bead or a NATO it doesn't really matter so I've got that bead on there I'm now just going to loop around and make an overhand knot and trap the bead within the knot like so and now I'm going to do three more one and pulling it tight each time two three okay if you have some glue such as GS hypo cement or another glue you might just want to put a little dab of glue on that not just for extra security but you'll see what i'm doing here is that bead stops the stretch cord from pulling through the hole and it also hides the knot so it gives you a really nice finished look and then you would just string your beads and repeat that process on the other side those are two really easy quick ways of finishing off your stringing material when you're using one of these new would buckle clasps you can find them along with all the stringing materials and beads you might need at you

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