Show & Tell: Vintage Lucite

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Designer: Julie Bean
Want to add a unique touch to your designs? Try adding vintage lucite components. These pendants and beads feature interesting shapes, designs, and colors that are sure to spark your creativity. Please note, these are available in limited quantities.
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Hi, this is Julie with I have a really fun show and tell for you today. This is a new collection I say a new but I mean new in the sense that we just got them in at beadaholique but it's actually all vintage lucite. We're bringing this in for summer of 2014. So if you're watching this video a couple years down the road just know that this is when it was released. This all in limited quantities but I do wanna show it to you in a video form because you'll be able to see the scale and really have fun these pieces are so these are all vintage lucite and they are so fun. The color palette that have so vintage colors and also some of the vintage finishes you don't really see too much. Like glitter insets and this pearly sheen like a pearly gold sheen but these will really add a unique element to your jewelry designs because these are not readily available pieces. I'm just gonna walk you through the collection that we currently have and then you can go to we have a whole section dedicated to vintage lucite which these pieces will be added to. I've got this really fun black drop. I have another one that's actually got a gold band around it. All you really need to do with a piece like this is stick an eye pin through it and make a wrapped wire loop and hang an earring hook. Another fabulous drop look at this big guy here. How fun would that be for a quick pair of retro earrings. I also got these disks these actually, even though they're vintage, the colors are very on trend right now so they would be great to work into some designs Fun little elephant. This is what he looks like on his back This bead with a Roman head on it. It's two-sided A fabulous barrel bead right here. This is actually my favorite piece in the collection again these big kind of globby nuggety bead. They are irregular in shape but that adds to their appeal. Here you have a hole going through the middle of this one so it'll spin like that. Another one, these are little bit more rounded. The smaller size have a little bit more of a rounded shape compared to more of the nuggety shape and over here I've got this bigger ring that's just clear vintage lucite. These guys here which are amber but it's like more of a yellow amber than what you sometimes see but almost that swirl like you used to see in marbles. All these I almost think of them as lemon shaped beads in fun colors. Not quite a lemon shape. It's a little more irregular than that but to me that's the first thing that came to my mind these ones here which I love again with that paint splattered effect of the nice rosy burgundy with a gold over tone but it's not a brassy gold. It's that great vintage color these are one in particular I wanted to be to show you on camera so you can see that Sheen It's got that micro fine glitter in there it has a real pearly look to it but it's clear and transparent big purple beads, little tiny purple ones, these great cylinder beads so it's color line. You'll see that the color is actually the lining which here in this case is purple and then it's a transparent clear glass over the top which is really giving it a fun look to it we've got that blue, purple, pink and orange love the orange. These are really fun too I don't know what I would call the shape. It's like a a faceted square that's been turned on its side you can see where the hole goes through. So it's gonna sit like that got some more of this great red color. This is like a brick red almost with the gold on top of it. Here's a fun one, now see where the hole is on this one Just hang that on an earring hook and you've got a fun retro earring and the last one is another of this kind of pale purple, a really pretty shade so like I said this is just about show and telling. I'm not going to do a project I just wanna show you some of the newer offerings we have in the vintage lucite category on our website and there are many more there available too. Go ahead, check that out and this will really add a unique look to your design pieces that are not usually readily available these are great to work into your designs and you can find them on and they're in the vintage and rare category under vintage lucite Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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