Show and Tell: Czech Glass Fire Polished Pastel Colors

SKU VID-1257
Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the beautiful rainbow of colors of Czech Fire Polished Pastels. These faceted glass beads work in many applications. Be sure to match the colors to the other Czech Glass beads including many of our multi-hole beads.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Kat with and they are sort of pearlized which gives them that really nice beautiful matte style but you can see I'm just kind of moving them around you can see those beautiful facets on there and it just really adds to the nice quality that these can give your design and I pulled out a few color palette here to show you how they can all work together now this is a necklace that is just very easily strong and we have a little video showing you how to make those little tassels so be sure to check that out but just so you can kind of see how they can really mix and match together so these come in three different sizes you're going to have your 4 millimeter your 6 millimeter and your 8 millimeter so if you want you can actually use them with the same color on the same design and that's kind of why I laid them out the way I have here for you so I just want to go over kind of some of the colors and just some inspirations here so like I said you're going to get a lot of these in those three different sizes so really utilize them and you might notice that kind of some of these colors would look a little familiar because a lot of our Czech glass two whole beads come in these colors so this is a great opportunity to mix and match with some of those beautiful beads and you can use these as accent beads so it all kind of goes with the line of the pastels and the pearl so really explore that and you can find all of those supplies and even more videos and inspiration at you

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