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Hi, this is Kat with tendance and gemstone chain now we have some pendants here but we also do have some beautiful connectors and links as well so I just kind of want to dive in and we're going to start over here and I love pyrite it's probably one of my favorite gemstones just because I love how you can really see all those beautiful facets on these particular pieces so we have some things that are like this is a little bit of a pendant and I love that how simple it is because you could just take it and add it to a chain and then it's a finished piece of jewelry which is so great especially if you're stacking it necklaces which is such a trend right now so these are beautiful little gemstones to help with that so moving on from the pirate we have some beautiful labradorite and I just kind of want to pick this a piece and show you you get that beautiful flash of blue in this piece as you kind of move it around so I love labradorite because it really just it's a stone that just dances so I just kind of want to show you just a few more be sure to check out to get the full selection like I said this is just a small selection of the gemstones that we have so we have some beautiful chalcedony and then we have these really fun crystal quartz points and like I said if you're doing that beautiful trend of stacking necklaces this is just so cute and adorable we have that in two different sizes here as you can see and then we have some wonderful moon stone and then we get into these beautiful bezels here that have little rhinestones around then they kind of create these little bezel cups so if you can kind of just see the backside there and this is that labradorite again like I said so you get that lace nice little blue and turquoise in there so we also have some amazonite and then over here I do want to point out we have some beautiful jerseys and we have jerseys that come in bezels like you see here with the blue and then we also have those electroplated and that just kind of means that it is smooth on there so it's not a separate bezel piece it is actually just right on to the drusy stone itself so you can kind of see the difference with the other bezel style where it is a flat stone on the back so moving on I want to share with you some of the gemstone chain that we have now most of our gemstone chain is sold by the inch but we do have a few varieties that are sold by the foot and I'm gonna start by explaining that especially with this one down here because we want to make sure that you guys are getting enough of those beautiful focal x' here because if we sold you an inch you might end up with that length and you probably wouldn't be too happy with that and we want to make sure that you guys are happy so you're gonna get a full foot of this particular chain and for many of the other ones they're sold by the inch but what I recommend is if you're doing a bracelet or even a pair of earrings by just a little bit more than you think you're going to need because what's gonna happen is you're gonna end up cutting some of the loops at the end so you're gonna want to make sure that you have enough to sort of complete so I always recommend adding at least an extra inch or two that way you can also choose the gemstones that you want so that's really important with a gemstone chain like this that has those beautiful little chips in it now we do have some other gemstones that are more rondell shaped and this one and this one here are really kind of unique because they are pyrite that has actually been coated so you get that really kind of gold nugget II and silver nugget II kind of style and I just think that's so fun and so chic so just to go over just a few more up here we have just these are more of the rondelle's here again we do have some more chips do you kind of get that little style here and then we have gemstone chain like this up here that is a little bit thicker and you can see that it has little dangles as well as the length of gemstone chain so this is very just very gorgeous I just see this and I think vintage bride it's just sort of speaks to my design eye and it's very kind of deco to me but you can use it of course however you like and then we also do have some wood beads that come on chain as well and the kind of fun and funky and really boho these are little nuts so just kind of some fun different shapes to add to our gemstone chain I know the certain gemstone but I just kind of wanted to bring those out and show those to you during this video so there you have it that is a selection of the gemstone chain that we have along with some of our beautiful bezel pendants links and connectors be sure to check out for more tutorials and even more gemstones you

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