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Hi, this is Kat with across the bottom but because if you can kind of look on the inside here you'll see that there are little holes for you to sew through so you can get the same result without all the little threads kind of poking through and you can see that a little bit better on my example here so I just did a very simple edging all the way around the teardrop shape and all of those little threads are caught right in the center so you don't see them as you're looking at the piece which is really fun another way you can use these is to do some wire wrapping and this just is again very simple you're going to want to use a really nice thin wire to get some nice shapes but you just kind of wrap around the outside and I created a little slider gemstone there just give it a little interest so that's another way you could use these by doing some while you're wrapping and just using the holes as sort of your brace as you move through the through the circle or the teardrop whichever shape you choose and then we also have a way to do pearl matting and I love this because it actually creates a nice little illusion because at first glance you don't see exactly how that was done but when you kind of look at the side you can see that that thread just kind of goes up and over and you can choose which hole you want to go in so you create a beautiful little illusion piece so just something really kind of fun to do and that's just some simple pearl knotting and then here's another way you can use them it's to kind of brace them when you're doing a stringing and this is just using the soft flex stringing wire and all our designer did was string through and kind of create it so that she could create this beautiful shape and it would hold its shape thank you to the bead frame so just some really fun simple ways to use and you just explore all the different fund types that we have we have various silver and antique brass and different shapes and sizes so this is just a small selection of what we carry at beadaholique to be totally calm for more tutorials and more videos you

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