Overview of Austrian Crystal Pendants

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Designer: Julie Bean
For this overview video a curated collection of Austrian crystal pendants was chosen to be showcased and discussed. Learn about the popular styles of Austrian crystal pendants and see their shapes and the way the light bounces off of their edges and facets.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you a curated collection of some sir off ski crystal pendant available at Vita Holly I'm gonna start with the pair pendant this is a very classic shape and you can see it's beautifully faceted on both sides we have an example here where we've incorporated into a jewelry project and we've just wire wrapped at the top of it we've done I'm pretty messy bird's nest wire wrap to really go with this patina finished you could do a neat wire wrap as well these here are the Baroque pendants there's actually two different styles on the surface they look identical but one is a flat Baroque and then the other is just called baroque and if that means is faceted on both sides moving along we have the Sun pendant and then you can see this aptly named because it looks like the Rays of the Sun are shimmering off of it and all of these come in a variety of sizes some I pulled a couple sizes for just to show you the difference and others I did not so please note that you will find these in a whole array of colors and sizes on the website this really large pendant is the pre olette pendant you can see how that shines with the one that is this big you might just want to hang it alone from a chain it's really going to be the focal piece of course then it does come in this nice petite size as well which is great for earrings this is the classic drop pendant and I'm going to show you a comparison between it and the briolette so both are pretty similar but the classic drop comes to a nice point whereas the briolette is rounded these very modern shapes right here are the grand crystal act type pendant and the petite crystal AK type pendants you'll notice this one is a little bit more of a rectangular shape and this one is more abstract but both have a very modern bent to them here is the queen Becket pendant a nice rectangle see that a good narrow profile and then the column pendants if you want something that's very modern there's a spike pendant and we've used it in a jewelry design here what's interesting at this earring is the wire wrapping is purely decorative and we actually connected it to the earring post using just a large jump ring here is the Buddha pendant the Greek cross and then here is a cross pendant these guys here are pave pendants this is something that is really a unique look to Sourav ski crystal is the beautiful shit on set into these pendants two different colors of them and then they're rhodium plated and stamped Saurav ski on the back these would be a great gift item and they're very easy to hang from a premade chain there's the Greek cross shape the heart as well as the star and these do come in a variety of color combinations as well as sizes here's one of my favorites this is a cab a set pendant and I pulled it in jet just because I think it's a really cool design element it has this nice rounded base which is completely smooth and then all the faceting up towards the top then the Vette pendant the devoted to you heart the wild heart and then the heart pendant you can see how that really catches the light very romantic jewelry these here are briolette pendants in a couple sizes and you can see here we just created wrapped wire loops and connected them to this scalloped bar chain to create a very elegant piece of jewelry these five crystal pendants right here are my favorites for earring designs there's the pure leaf the zillion I use this one a lot the mini pear the triangle and the bicone I feel like a lot of people don't know about the bicone pendant and it's just really cool I love this one finally as we start to wrap up you're going to see the pure drop pendant with the trumpet cap so this finding actually comes already attached to it and then the twist drop and the setting is available in rhodium plate or gold plate they do come already attached so all you need to do is add a jump ring and a chain and then finally we have the clover pendants and here we have an example where we just use a bail attached it to the hole and then strung it on a premade chain there are a lot of bail options on aha leak as well as other jewelry projects that incorporate these pendants which will give you ideas on how you might work them into designs of your own please do check out the full selection at beadaholique.com you

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