Overview of Links and Connectors

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn about the various types of links, connectors, strand spacers, and strand reducers available at Beadaholique. These findings can be used as focals, used to add structure, or used to finish off a design.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to go over the various types of links and connectors available at beta Halik there's quite a wide range to choose from and you can see that they can be quite plain and simple such as these quick links or they can be quite fancy such as this crystal encrusted heart links are great because they can be a focal piece or you can use them linked together to build the foundation for an entire design such as this bracelet here we have ones by tierracast green girl studios nunn design with this bezel setting here some have loops on each end some you just use the actual design part of it the which here like this infinity symbol where you would just connect into the open area of the infinity symbol others you can stamp you can see they come in a variety of styles and finishes a lot to choose from for your earring projects necklaces bracelets whatever you might be working on there's a lot to choose from in this category there's also strand reducers nostrand reducers are great because they're going to bring a wider piece of jewelry to a narrower point which will allow you to attach a clasp I have an example here with some bead weaving so in order to go ahead and attach a clasp to this we needed to somehow bridge the gap between the bead weaving and the narrow clasp which has one loop so we have a for loop strand reducer that goes down to just one loop and then just with a jump ring we were able to attach a clasp you can use these with all types of stringing material beading wire pre-made beading chain a bunch of different materials can be used with strand reducers so when you're picking out your strand reducer you'll one of course think of the style you want but also how many strands are you reducing so we've got ones with two strands we've got three this one here could be multiple strands or just a single strand for loops down to 156 and it goes on from there you can see that they really vary in their width as well bead cones are really great to use a strand reducers as well because they very decorative Lee and neatly will take multiple strands down to a narrow point so then you can attach a clasp or in this case a chain and you can see here was just used with some wire so that we used a right we've created a wrapped wire loop here and we have other videos on beadaholique.com showing you how to use bead cone strand reducers things like that the final type of finding I want to show you is a strand spacer so strand spacers are great because they literally space out your beadwork so here you can see an example of use the strand spacer was used to provide structure and foundation to this piece of jewelry without it the chains would have just flopped all over the place you wouldn't really have a solid piece but by using those strand spacers this is really a beautiful design that's very structurally sound and you can see we actually used a strand reducer in addition to the strand spacers to be able to attach our clasp they to come in a variety of different styles finishes and also the number of strands they're trying to reduce so here's a two strand reducer 34 crystal one so a lot of different styles to choose from for this video I really did just pull a very small sampling of the links and connectors we have available please do check out the website for the full collection you

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