Overview of Pendants for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn about all the different types of pendants available at Beadaholique by brands such as Nunn Design, Austrian crystal, Tierra Cast, Green Girl Studios, Vintaj, and more. Whatever your design sense, there is a type of pendant for you - crystal, ceramic, metal, glass, bezel, resin, locket, pocket watches, and others.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video i want to show you the different types of pendants available at beta Halik we have pendants from wonderful brands such as Nunn design swarovski crystal green girl studios and more I'm going to start by showing you the bezel and resin pendants you can see they come in a variety of shapes and finishes and what's nice about these is some of them like these by Nunn design are just as beautiful on the back side as the front side there's a couple by tierracast over here so also keep in mind that we have projects and videos showing you what to do with these so you can fill them with resin epoxy clay collage art work a lot of different things you can really customize these for your mixed media jewelry projects up here we have some ceramic pendant by Gollum studios and clay River really pretty pieces in our glass pendant collection we have cultured sea glass in a variety of colors these are really fun to layer or wire wrap as well as Murano glass pendants which really are focal zin and of themselves stone pendants if you love gemstones and a natural look we've got carved leaf ones ones in different shapes of course different types of stones as well and then these guys are very elegant right here these are gemstone pendants with bezel settings you can see they've all got a little loop at the top which will allow you to easily put them on a chain or incorporate them into a jewelry design up here are some pocket watches now these are pendants but they do come with the chain already attached and they come in a variety of styles there's also lockets where you can put a loved one's picture a couple different styles represented here but of course there are more on the website there's some really unique guys this is a bead core pendant by Nunn design for collage artwork or epoxy clay a lot of different things you can do with that a little picture frame pendant with an insert where you can put a picture and even a little purse pendant that opens up put a little love letter or note that guy green girl studios is a brand I personally love beautiful carved pendants here and these are of course the original wax casting is carved but these are cast in pewter and different materials but what's nice is they often have a really pretty sing or a decorative element on their backside and they're just quite lovely tierracast puts out a variety of pendants anchors the Tree of Life holiday their holiday pendants are great of course they have a lot of charms to which you could use as a pendant which I don't have featured here but a lot of variety and of course different finishes in different sizes then Taj has quite an extensive line of pendants we have filigree ones insects there's artists and copper natural brass artisan pewter so a lot you can do with these guys including alter them a lot of them can be bent or manipulated painted with patinas we've used the vintaj relief block and if some of these terms are a little foreign to you please check out our website we have a lot of technique videos showing you how to alter these how to embellish them and then over here I have some really pretty silver plated pendants such as this hot air balloon some more filigree and even this gold tree one which is quite pretty and elegant and then last but not least we have Swarovski crystal pendants ease or beautiful Austrian crystals and they just sparkle and shine brilliantly in the come in a variety of different colors and sizes and shapes they're wonderful to incorporate into perhaps a gift if you're giving someone a gift or just something special an heirloom piece of jewelry for yourself so this was just a very small sampling of the different types of pendants you will find at beadaholique for the full collection and then ideas on how you can use these with your jewelry making projects you

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