Overview of Vintage and Rare Jewelry Supplies at Beadaholique

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Designer: Julie Bean
Beadaholique offers a wide range of vintage and rare jewelry supplies. These 'treasures' are from various time periods and include cabochons, beads, links, pendants, and more. The stock is constantly changing and being updated and all items are available in limited quantities. Create something really unique with these unusual beads and supplies.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is julian in this video i want to show you a sampling of the vintage and rare beads and other treasures you'll find at betta Halik i love these pieces i'm a vintage girl at heart who shops antique fairs and it's really hard to find these so i'm very excited that betta halik offers them now it is important to note that everything you see here is in limited quantities because it's not new it's not something that we can just reorder so we are constantly getting new pieces in other pieces go out of stock it's always rotating but that's part of the fun of it and it's something that you'll know that not everyone else is going to have when you incorporate it into your jewelry designs so I'm just going to start over here showing you what types of items you will find in this section and if you want to learn more about the item please check out the individual product listing which will tell you a bit more about the provenance what the piece is made of the size all that good info so these here are spun glass beads and they're really fantastic they are focal in and of themselves and you can see here that we incorporated them into some earrings very easy construction for the earrings but the design looks very original and unique because of that vintage component up here are Japanese wafer beads they're very thin and lightweight and they're great for stacking I could see putting 20 or 30 of these on some beading wire and making a really fun modern looking necklace although you'd be using these vintage components here are some lucite flatbacks could glue these on to Brett's head band bracelet blanks whole bunch of different things you could do with them Chinese brass beads and these are corrugated I love how they have a nice natural patina to them in most cases i also have a nice large hole different sizes and shapes these are lucite drops with a bezel edge very cool czech glass fancy stones so these are emerald shape that you see here they do come in other oops as well this is just a wonderful collection of cabochons these are from all different periods again please check out the product listing so you can see more information on them I'm just going to pull up a couple of them so you can see how unique and original they are just not something you see every day which is what I love about them for me personally I would be d'ambrosia round these or glue them onto something to use as a focal piece these little guys are from the 60s with those flecks of gold up here are some chandelier style pieces in glass and crystal I love how they're faceted these guys are lucite beads and they're really nice and chunky and which will make them great for layering you can add a lot of these pieces to a single design is not going to be too heavy which is nice these gem colored oval cabochon and they are loose side as well and more lucite drops and links so you'll notice with some of these they've got the two loops which makes them a link others are drops in kazoos as charms or vocals whatever you want to do with them we incorporated several different sizes into an earring design over here is a bracelet using some vintage bees these are patterned and it was just some simple stringing that we did and up here we have a nice collection of assorted buttons all different colors and patterns these are really fun to incorporate into your jewelry designs I hope you enjoyed the sampling of the types of vintage and rare products available at beadaholique you

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