Overview of Hammers and Blocks for Jewlery Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn about the wide range of hammers, blocks, and dapping set available at Beadaholique.com. All of these tools are used to shape, form, work harden, and/or mold metal and wire.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show you an assortment of the hammers blocks and dapping sets that we carry at beadaholique of these tools are meant to be used with metal and wire let me first start with the blocks now these are what you're going to actually set your metal down onto to hammer so you'll see that they come in a variety of shapes we got square we have round we have it even an anvil they also come in different sizes so there's really a lot of choice if you're doing only small things the anvil or this little square one would work if you're working with larger objects bigger sheet metal pieces you might want to consider using a bigger piece and also keep in mind the basis that we have for the blocks as well which help to cushion the blow and then I also have this block right here and this is by tierracast is meant for setting eyelets and rivets here is an interesting block that we have and this actually is one that's embedded down into a dapping set and this dapping set you would will use with these wood dowels so you can go ahead and fit the appropriate wood dowel and you could go ahead and shape your metal stamping blanks with this if you're looking for something that's a little bit more heavy-duty we have a steel damp tapping set so this tube comes with the dapping block which you see right here as well as all the different damping punches in assorted sizes we even have this little square one as well so there is a lot to choose from when it comes to dapping sets and in order to use a dapping set you're going to need a hammer and same thing with these blocks are going to be using these blocks in conjunction with a hammer and there's a wide range of hammers to choose from so let's start with some texturising hammers I pulled just to hear there's many more so you'll see that on each side of the hammer there is a different face and it's going to give you a very different textured result so this is one type which has two different styles but it's one hammer another type is this hammer here which actually has interchangeable faces so you'll actually go ahead and remove the faces and swap them out with the ones you see here this is a great multi-purpose tool also for adding texture we have an embossing hammer this is really nice for creating nice raised reliefs here's another texturising hammer you can see that nice sharp edge is going to give you a really interesting design one of my favorite hammers and I can siddur this a staple is the chasing hammer this one's very easy to use one side is going to go ahead and flatten and smooth out your middle whereas the other side will add a little texture giving it a hammered look this jewelers hammer right here is nice because it has a rubber head to it as well as a plastic head so that's going to avoid scratches when you're flattening out metal here is a ball peen hammer this is one that you'll hear about quite often and it's great for flattening wire or molding and shaping I have a brass mallet here this is really good for shaping and dapping or if you're doing metal punches you can use a brass mallet as well this one's quite substantial and heavy if you don't want something as substantial and heavy there's actually little small brass hammers as well here's a planishing hammer this is for strengthening stretching and smoothing out medals a rubber mallet this would be for light-duty work you're not going to be able to do quite as intensive work as you would with the brass hammer with this but this is very easy to use it's not going to Mar your metal at all and it's great for wire forming over here i have a nylon wedge hammer which is for shaping sheet metal and wire and the last type of hammer i want to show you is this little guy by impress art he's a brass hammer but he's particularly good for metal punches so a lot of different hammers to choose from we really want to think about what purpose are you going to use the hammer for and then pick the appropriate hammer for that a lot of these are going to be great for work hardening your metal and flattening your metal you'll just want to decide if you want to use a brass hammer a rubber mallet or you want something like a chasing hammer so with a plastic or rubber tip to it please do check out the beadaholique website for more information on all the products you've seen here as well as a lot of suggestions on how to use them with your jewelry making you

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