Overview of Patinas and Colors for Jewelry

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about the various types of patinas, waxes, gels, and paint pens that you can use to color metal jewelry components. Use these colorants as decorative accents or to completely alter the look of a piece.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com it open and you can see when i put a little bit on my finger how light and sheer it is it's very easy to apply which i'm going to show you here at the end of the video how to apply some of this so this comes in a wide range of colors and they come in these little what look like shoe polish tins we're just going to show you three colors so you can see the difference and they're very light and they're very easy to apply here's an example where we've applied several different colors together and you can just see how subtle that color is which is really nice you are going to want to add a sealant or a varnish at the end of the process so once this is dried you're going to want to coat it to make sure that that Gilders paste does not end up rubbing off another product i want to show you are these leafing pins these are probably the easiest to use of all the different coloring materials so we've got gold silver and copper and we literally can draw on metal with these which is fun I have an example here so this was a stamping blank that was solid color this olive tone and we just went ahead and we colored in the tree in the middle with a gold leafing pen you can see that really creates a very pretty design that stands out if you want a lot of color I would suggest vintaj patinas again I just pulled a small sampling to show you the range of colors you do come in more options but you can really create a striking opaque finish with the vintaj patinas as you can see in this example here perhaps you don't want something that's this colorful you can also just use them very sparingly and create a subtle design with them as well or you can go ahead and fill in the lines of either metal punched jewelry or if you have a vintage big kick machine as you see this is an example where we run a stamping blank through the big kick and we use some onyx patina to fill in the lines so that the design really pops before I demo how to use the patinas the leafing pens in the Gilders paste i want to show you two other products renaissance wax this is a topcoat wax polish to preserve patinas and then if you want to create patinas on silver copper bronze and other metals there's a liver of sulphur gel so this creates a really nice deep patina so without further ado I want to go ahead and demonstrate how to use some of these colors and I pulled out three pieces of vintage filigree which I think will show you really clearly how these different colors look first let's start with the Gilders paste we use this one right here and I'm just going to put it on my finger like so and course wash your hands after you use this and with this you just rub it on you can see how it's just taking the color really nicely and it's really making the filigree design pop and I can keep layering it to make it a little bit more opaque or I could have left it really sheer I think that's a good dramatic example of before and after on that one next I want to show you the leafing pins I have the gold leafing pen right here before you use it you're going to want to pump it a little to get the paint flowing and I'm just going to take this filigree here and I'm going to literally just draw over it now I could be really careful and just draw on some of the little swirls or I could just paint the whole thing it's totally up to you okay so there you can see before and after on that one super easy to use the final one I want to show you is a patina go ahead and shake these before each use and if you wanted to you could mix the colors too which is fun so I'm just going to use a little paint brush and I'm just going to paint over the filigree now really quickly I'm going to show you what you can do is you can go ahead and paint it on and leave it solid like that or you could take the corner of a paper towel and wipe over it so it has a little bit more of a sheer look I'm going to go ahead and paint it over it again just so you can see how strong and saturated that color is there we go so all three of these products work great on metal pieces I've also used them on epoxy clay which has been fun as well as different beads of different materials so I've used patina on plastic beads I've used a monster ramik beads same with the gold leafing pens so do like a creativity flow with these they're very versatile and they're really fun to use and they dramatically alter the appearance of your jewelry pieces please check out the beadaholique website to see the full range of colors for all of these products and more detailed information on each you

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