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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you the different types of threads available at beadaholique to start with some threats I'd recommend for bead weaving and they are fireline wildfire and Power Pro none of these are going to stretch so that's a really nice advantage if you're doing a lot of multiple passes through small little beads fireline is a braided thread wildfire is a thermal bonded thread meaning you're not gonna be able to pierce it with your needle and what's nice about power Pro is it's very very thin so these all come in various sizes also the fireline is gonna come in a white what they call crystal and a smoke which is very similar to black wildfire is gonna come in black and white and power Pro is just going to come in white here is an example of a bead woven piece that used some fire line smoke and you can go ahead and see along the edge here that that just disappears into the beads so you're gonna want to pick the black or white color to match your beads over here I have some really pretty metallic threads these would be good for some top stitching they'd also be good for bead embroidery if your beads are big enough these are a little bit thicker than some of the other threads I'm going to show you and they are two-ply just the edge here so you can see the thickness but they're really pretty and they add a nice decorative touch so here's a piece of bead embroidery that just used some white thread but if you look along the edge you can imagine that if some silver was used it would have added just that little extra touch if you are doing a lot of being embroidery I'd recommend ko r9 mo threads they're both nylon threads and they're very easy to use they're very soft and they're great for doing multiple passes through beads here's some loom work which was also done using just a nylon thread as well another advantage to Keo and I know is they come in a whole bunch of different colors so you can really coordinate them to your beads finally I want to show you these two threads here they are by the bead Smith and they're 100% pure silk and you get a lot of thread you get six hundred yards on a spool and these would be ideal for really petite pearl nodding you can also use them for some of your embroidery projects as well so I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the different types of threads available at beadaholique the for further details you

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