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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video i want to show you the various types of cutters available at beta Halik a couple of these tools i'm going to show you at first you might not think of as a cutter but they do alter metal or alter a bead so i wanted to include them in this category the first one is a wire rounding tool if you look really closely there's a little cup on the end of this tool and this is to smooth out rough wire ends so let's say you are making some earring hooks out of wire you're going to want to go ahead and smooth the end of the wire especially the part that's going to go into the ear before you go ahead and sell them or finish off your jewelry piece with them so this you're just going to use to smooth out that wire end next I have be dreamers I have two styles to show you i have one which is just a manual one this is a very fine pearl reamer and you'll see it's got a little corkscrew type end and you're just going to twist it into the whole of your pearl to widen it slightly and then i also have a battery-powered cordless bead reamer which comes with a variety of tips so this is going to give you a little bit more power a little bit more strength here is a micro engraving tool i want to leave this one in the package so you can see an application where you might want to engrave a personal message or maybe your initials into a jewelry design piece and this comes with a couple tips as well over here we just have scissors the most basic type of qatar of all use on paper use on string very handy i have a couple different thread snips I just have some pearl cotton here i'm going to show you how to use these so they don't really have a handle you just go ahead and press the two sides together so i have this one here which is a little larger and then I have a very fine one if you want to get into perhaps you're doing some bead weaving you want to get into the bead work with a precision edge so this is a really nice one as well this is a little diamond file set to smooth out rough metal edges you can see there's different files here we have a variety of metal files it choose from different sizes with different roughnesses as well here I have a vintage relief block and I'm going to show you a quick little example of use on this vintage stamping so what you're just going to do is you're going to take the rough edge rub it over the stamping and you can see how it's really pulling that underneath color out very quick and easy to use if you're cutting sheet metal I have a disc cutter various sizes of dies so you'll see that there's a slot right here you're just going to put your metal into the slot like so and then you'll go ahead and hammer the die and it's going to cut perfect rounds each time if you want to cut a shape other than around we have a jeweler saw that comes with a supply of blades that you can go ahead and install and that will cut sheet metal if you don't want to use a song we do have metal shears just unlatch them I just have this little blank right here you can see you can cut right through the metal and then for wire we have a whole host of wire cutters flush cutters which are great for your basic jewelry making needs I have a little I pin right here just snip it a double flush cutter which will give you a flush cut on both sides an end cutter and then a memory wire cutter so you're not going to want to use any of these previously mentioned cutters on memory wire is a very strong wire and it will damage them so you're going to want to use a specific memory wire cutter and then if you're doing a lot of projects with braided cork or regal ease rubber we do have cutter specifically for that as well go ahead put it into the cutter deep press and you'll notice you get a really nice smooth cut all of these cutters and many more are available on the website at you

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