How to Use the Beadalon Elastic Cord Needle and Make a Stretch Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video tutorial, learn how to use the Beadalon Elastic Cord Needle. This needle is great for making stretch bracelets. You can preload all your beads onto the needle so you can see the design and then in one motion scoot them all down and onto the stretch cord. This time saving tool is great for those who love to make stretch bracelets.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with is great for making stretch bracelets and we're gonna make a stretch bracelet in this video as well so you can really see it in action so it is a long needle it is ten point seven five inches long it has a nice little hook on the end to grab your stretch cord and a loop on the other end to act as a stopper for your beads as you string them on so this is gonna be the main tool that we're gonna be using for this project we are also going to be using a bead stopper and a pair of scissors and then for supplies I have some really pretty glass red beads which just look very Christmasy to me if you are during watching this during the holiday season some lovely tierracast twisted spacers so these have like this wonderful little twisted rope design on them there's six millimeters we're gonna be using some cheese hypo cement to put a little glue on our knot when we're done and our main stretch fiber is going to be the opal on-court and I've cut myself a little bit right here so it's really really nice about this particular tool is it lets you pre string all your beads onto your needle ahead of time and then you in one swoop you're actually gonna be able to get them onto your stretch cord so I'm going to start by just putting my beads on and you see they slide on very easily one thing you do want to note is the size of the tip of this needle your hole size for your beads has to be one millimeter or larger in order for your beads to slide on so do to check to see what your hole size is that's really the only limitation so I'm just stringing this on and once I have a few I can just slide them down to the end and that little loop is gonna catch them and prevent them from falling off this is nice because if you have a bunch of different beads you're working with you can really see your design as you go before you put it onto your stretch cord I'm just gonna keep going I do like how stiff this needle is it has some flexibility but it's really strong enough to just pick up those beads for me which is great I'm doing a pretty simple design here just alternating these pretty gold spacer beads with these vibrant red beads okay let me see how many I have on here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen look at the size of my wrist you can't bend this needle around but you can kind of eyeball to see if you think you have enough beads and we're gonna be putting it on the fiber before we tie any knots so if we discover that we don't have enough beads we can always redo and so I started with a red bead for this particular design so I wanted to end with a gold bead so when I loop it around it's really nice and it's just every other bead is the red and the gold now here is really the magic of this tool I have my cut piece of my stretch cord what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna loop it in here so that hook catches it and have a little tail and now I'm gonna put a bead stopper on the other end of my stretch cord just in case when I'm lifting this up the beads slide all the way down so speaking of sliding down here we go just like that they're on a stretch cord so simple now it shows much easier than trying to feed that wiggly cord through the beads one by one so now that we've got all our beads on I'm just gonna see it this looks to be big enough that looks like a good bracelet length for my wrist this point I'll take off my bead stopper I didn't need it but it's really nice to have it there just so maybe you didn't slide off I'm gonna make a circle and I'm gonna tie just a simple little knot and then I'm gonna do a double knot here or a surgeon's knot I want to make sure my beads are all together there's no gaps but that they're not too tight that they're stretch that court ahead of time there we go and because my bees have a little bit of a larger hole I'm gonna make it even another knot I'm gonna pull and now what I'm gonna do is add a little bit of this GS hypo cement to my knot and I like this glue because there's a really fine applicator tip I'm just gonna put it right over my knot and then you replace the pin into the glue and save it for another project now once this glue is dry I will just trim my tails pull it a little bit and that knot will slip into the bead that is the plan what I'm gonna do right now is because the glue is really just a precautionary method I'm gonna show you how to do that I would recommend normally letting your glue dry thoroughly first I'm just gonna trim my tails and then gently tug it just so hopefully my hands not in the way too much here I just want that knot to really pull there we go it just pulled into that bead a little bit and there we have a stretch bracelet using the beadalon elastic cord needle so great little tool if you love making stretch bracelets thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel you

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