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Hi, this is Kat with using vintaj patinas so i have a couple of colors that I've gone ahead and chosen for today and I'm gonna be using the deep turquoise and the antique copper and I'm just gonna show you some of the sort of abstract ways that you can paint especially when you have a really blank surface so this is a vintage like I said a natural brass cuff and I'm gonna be painting at the front side of it so for this the only tool that you'll really need is a paintbrush and I'll even show you how you can do it without a paintbrush I also have a little cup of water here to rinse my brush and then I have two of these just little medical measuring cups and you can actually just pour the patina onto your surface but I'm gonna try to try to keep today a little neat and tidy and I'm gonna be putting my colors into the cup now vintage patina is a permanent and fast drying paint so I prefer to use gloves and I just have some latex gloves here you don't have to if you don't want to it does wash off your hands eventually but I just like to protect my surfaces so I'm gonna go ahead and get my gloves on and get all set up and I'll be right back alright so what I'm gonna do here is I'm just gonna kind of set up my table now you can see that I've pulled out the deep turquoise and the antique copper but we do have some beautiful colors here for you to choose from and this is a design where it's so freeform that you could actually do a lot of different colors and I think it would actually turn out really fun but I'm gonna keep it a little more simple today alright and if you ever have trouble getting your patina out of your little bottles here it might just be clogged because again it is a little fast drying and I'm already having just a little bit of up there we go you can use a little piece of wire or a needle a scrap needle and just sort of poke down in there and it will free any patina so that's a little a little tip for you alright so I have my two colors of patina here and then I have some paper towels here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna crunch it up into a ball alright so what I want is this sort of pattern because we're gonna do a little bit of a like a rag roll I know that it used to be really popular in wallpaper kind of findings and stuff and painting walls so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dab my paint onto my surface there and now I'm just gonna transfer that paint onto my cuff and just dabbing it all the way around and you can add as much as little and you can actually see that it's already drying from the paper I can't even get all the way around so we're just gonna do it again and this is sort of the great way to sort of build up color onto whatever piece you're working on so that you add just ever so slightly and you can just keep just dabbing and I just love the way this kind of looks it looks like almost an artist painting or when they add all those little splashes of color alright so I'm liking the way that looks I might I think I want to do maybe just a little bit more so I'm gonna get a fresh little spot of my paper towel here can I crunch that down you can see how it would be all over my hands if I weren't wearing my gloves there so just little dabs and like I said you could do this with a lot of different colors to get a different type of look there we go alright so I love the way that is looking so now I think I'm done with that teal and I'm ready to add some copper so I'm gonna go ahead and set that one aside rinse my brush in my little water here there we go I'm just gonna wipe off my brush and since it is sort of abstract it don't need to be too clean about it so that's sort of a nice little thing alright and take another piece of and now I'm gonna go in and get some of that antique copper and this actually has a really nice little shimmer to it so it'll kind of pop through and what I love about this is you can just keep building that color and discovering how you want your piece to look so this is really fun and again you don't really need the paintbrush if you wanted to you could sort of pour this out on your table and dab it but I think this gives you a little bit more control with where your paint is going to actually land on your piece all right so you see how lovely this is turning out and this is just two colors you can actually do several and just make it really multi-coloured and really just kind of fantastic alright and you can see how fast and quickly this is drying so I'm gonna just do a little bit more and I think I'm almost done all right so let's just get a little bit more onto my paper there because I have a very selected spot where I just want to see a little bit extra and it's just on the ends here there we go a little bit more on this end all right so I'm gonna call that good for me so I love the way this looks it's just it's very very subtle and because this is natural brass one thing that you could do I'm not gonna do it today in this video but you could add a glaze and this is just a metal sealer and it's a patina extender as well so we have this in a shiny and in a matte so I'm not gonna leave mine alone for today and I might come back and do that later but I really love the way this looks it's just a super simple easy way to create an artistic cuff I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these beautiful colors of patina and even more videos at you

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