How to Fill a Channel Inlay Ring with Miyuki Delica Seed Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to fill an Elegant Elements 3-Strand channel inlay ring with lovely Miyuki Delica seed beads in size 11/0. Use this same technique to fill other Elegant Elements channel inlay components such as slide clasps, earrings, and multi-strand clasps.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with reach here and this is what it looks like in gold without the seed beads and you see there's three neat rows which are perfectly made to fit 11 o delicas and in this case for the ring finding you'll be using a row of 13 delicas so to do this you're gonna need one of these pretty rings and we have a little trick on how to do it and I'm gonna be using some Nemo a needle to keep them in place is gonna be GS hypo cement and then you'll just need a pair of scissors and some tape as well and before I fill these I want to show you a couple other options of these pretty channel inlays come in so they do have a ring they also have this really pretty slide clasp and this is meant to be worked with in with a multi strand project loom work even bead weaving and you just slide your row of beads in there it's a great great clasp and you see it's got the pretty little channel inlay so you can coordinate your beads that you did to create your bracelet with the beads you're gonna fill your clasp with and then up here I also have some multi strand clasps I have a really wide one which has six loops a medium with three and a small one with two and does come in both the gold and the silver color so to choose my seed beads I've pulled out a collection of my yuki delicas all size 11 oh and these are recent additions to the collection that beadaholique offers we do have hundreds of them to choose from bc up here there's some really pretty blues and turquoises some Pink's greens I love this really vibrant almost like a leaf or a spring green and a mint green some metallics wonderful bright fuchsia magenta colored Pink's some more oranges and reds yellows if you love purple there's purple right here and then more the more muted palette the more neutrals of the Browns and the and the golds and the bisque and the pale cream colors and then some wonderful greys as well so to choose your colors it's really up to you you'll can do all the same color or different colors I do like personally using three different colors so you can really play with maybe even some beans you have at home it's a nice way of using up some of those leftover beads but you could do a pretty Brown collection and put a gold with it you want something really warm you could do metallics so we could do a really bright metallic with like a pretty mint or maybe even do all metallics that could be really bright and vibrant so it's really up to you what you want to do I think I had my eye on this pretty pink over here maybe I'll do a pink with the metallic more of a opaque pink and then perhaps I'll do a cream as well that looks really nice very wearable too so it's fun if you are doing a project like this to mix your finishes it really helps each one pop and stand out so I'm gonna pour a little bit of these out like I mentioned before they are size 11 oh and they're very uniform so a delica bead is great if you do a lot of say peyote bead stitching because it really locks into place and one of my favorite beads to use for bead weaving there we go and now for my little trick on how to go about getting these beads in place without having to set one at a time so I'm gonna take my beading needle and a length of Nemo I did try this with fireline and I actually prefer to use Nemo or if you have Keo or something like that at home and that is strictly because it's softer and it drapes better the fire line and the wildfire were too stiff and I'll show you why that was a problem in just a minute so just a little bit onto my beading needle and no knot tight at the end and then to get my ring finding to stand upright just gonna take some tape slide the ring finding over my tube of beads and then tape it in place and now it's gonna stand up for me so I like the GS hypo cement for this project one because it's got a really nice hold to it but also it has a great fine applicator tip which is really perfect when working with these channels so I've got that ready to go and I'm gonna string on my beads before I put down my glue my first strand so let's do 13 beads I did pre count so for the ring findings 13 beads fits perfectly got 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 always good to just double check your counting ok that looks good and I'm gonna actually fill all three channels and I'm doing this because I did find that if I went back and tried to add if I went and I had filled one channel and then went back put the beads in and then came back and tried to fill another Channel I accidentally ended up bumping my beads often which meant they became a little bit um off kilter there we go so I've got all my glue in place and now I'm just going to slide my beads down onto my thread scoot them together and set them in to the first channel press them into place and carefully pull my thread out no remember I said I really like Nemo for this and this is why I found that the fire line in the wildfire were too stiff and they accidentally actually bumped my beads out of the channel so now I'm gonna pull my thread so that I've got a nice length on it make sure that it's still on the needle and then another 13 beads slide that down scoot them all together and place it into your channel tap them in place and pull your thread out and now I'm ready for my last row hey I've got those and again scoot them in place press them down into the channel tap on and pull your thread out and now what you can do is you can very carefully just go back tap the top of them and then just let them sit upright until they are fully dry and then you have a really pretty wearable ring and you can do this in any color you want and this ring finding is actually adjustable as well which is nice so you choose any color from the hundreds of beadaholique offers this is just a small sampling of some recent additions that we brought in and then if you like this look and you like the idea of coordinating your beads with the rest of your jewelry project do consider these clasps they're a really great way of customizing your jewelry and making everything just look really neat and professional thanks for watching and please do check out our other videos at you

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